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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Demographics, Unintended Consequences, and the Election

I'm reflecting on demographics this morning. Abortion has killed off millions of babies in this country. The voters born after Roe v. Wade, had they lived, would be between the ages of 18 and 43. Younger voters tend to be more liberal. If you believe polls, more than half of Trump's supporters were over 45. People tend to grow more conservative as they age. So the oldsters helped swing the election to Trump.

Had the babies been allowed to live because the Democrat party was NOT a party of death, Democrats might be heading back to the White House; not, certainly, with Hillary as their candidate, but perhaps a Bob Casey type. So the Democrats with their enthusiasm for killing probably killed their own chances in this election.

What a delightful thing to see when the chickens come home to roost. Democrats have created such polarization that the only way they could even hope to stay in power was through immigration, offering goodies as bribes, and committing massive fraud. And even that failed to do the trick, because their candidate was so corrupt and unlikable that she couldn't even hold on to the base. 

How will the Democrats look at things now? Well, my guess is that, being in fact the party of death, they will look to ways to eliminate the growing conservative base of older voters. No wonder they want assisted suicide and euthanasia! That'll fix those stupid Trump voters!

No, I don't expect the conversion of the Democrat party. I think their anger and hostility will just solidify their commitment to evil. Joe Sobran had them pegged as the "evil party" and I see no signs they plan to change considering the silence of Clinton and Obama on the violence of their supporters following the election. Murder and mayhem are the Democrats' stock in trade whether the victims are babies in the womb or teenagers who dare to tell their peers they supported Trump.

Rising sun armchair used by George Washington
Hopefully, however, the "stupid party" will get some smarts after this election. The smartest thing of all is to put God first. When leaders see their authority coming from the God of the universe, they tend to exercise it with more humility than hubris. So, as we get ready to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, let's pray for our country, for President-elect Trump, for those advising Trump on cabinet picks, etc. We have much for which to be grateful on this last weekend of the liturgical year and on Thanksgiving Day next Thursday. America was given a reprieve. Whether that will indicate a rising sun depends on our commitment to a constitutional republic under God.

Our Lady of America, pray for us.

St. Thomas More, patron of politicians, pray for us.

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