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Monday, November 7, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Makes it Simple for You: The Impact of Obama Urging Illegals to Vote!

The internet is abuzz with Barack Obama affirming that illegals will NOT be prosecuted for voting fraudulently. The man is a traitor encouraging voter fraud to make sure the Democrat "juggarnaut" will roll over us now and forever. He should be impeached for that video alone!

Fr. Tom simplifies this for you! 

A number of years ago, a large number of young people in the western U.S. began to convert to
a local protestant church. The congregation of that church were thrilled to have so many young
and vibrant souls coming into their church as new members.

But then, as these new members of that church became the majority of that congregations, they
were able to vote with the long time members on church issues, including issues regarding church
property. It turned out that, these new members were actually devoted disciples of a guru in that
area. But, since they were, at the same time, registered members of the church they joined, they
legally had the right to vote with the original members to determine how the church’s property
was to be used. They used this power to transfer all the church’s assets to their guru.

Notice on Election Day how a concerted effort will be made to do a similar thing to the American
people, as a number of non-citizens, following the urging of President Obama and trusting in his
assurance that they will not be prosecuted for voter fraud, will cast ballots for Hillary Clinton,
in order to assure that they and their families will be granted all kinds of government benefits.
Thus it is that the Democrats’ “social justice” juggernaut will continue to crush the rights and
privileges of those who actually are American citizens.

Fr. Tom

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