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Friday, November 11, 2016

And the Violence from Hillary Supporters Continues!

Read more about this here. That little gal is an example of the best in her generation. But notice that the other students (there must have been a dozen) failed to help her. I'm not even sure the one girl who came forward wasn't trying to help the girl who was attacking her by pulling her arms down so she could hit her in the face. I hope the family brings charges. In a culture where a kindergartener is suspended for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun, what do you think will happen to the girl thug?

And check these videos out: (warning -- liberals have a limited vocabulary and love the "F" word. they use it "liberally" to show tolerant, compassionate, and non-violent they are.)

And see how the protesters in Portland riot and block Route 15: (warning: language)

Flee the cities and if you can home school. Your kids aren't safe in those public institutions of brainwashing, political correctness, and intolerance.

Watch for things to get worse in the days ahead. These folks will do everything they can to prevent Trump from being inaugurated in January. They are tyrants plain and simple.

God help us! Our Lady of America, intercede for us.


elpine flower said...

Look Maryann , you tube took this off

Susan Matthiesen said...

Just looked and it's still on YouTube. This video shows the hatred, intolerance, emotional, non-thinking stupidity of liberals no matter what age.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I wonder if the parents are pursuing criminal charges through law enforcement? Even if the school just raps their knuckles, I'd think this constitutes criminal assault. At the very least, pursue civil action so as to discourage future incidents.