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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Lectures the Mainstream Media: It's about Time!

Laura Ingraham for Press Secretary!
Hey, the media apparently have no problem with the cast of Hamilton lecturing Vice President elect Mike Pence. And then they act like Trump criticizing the cast's rude and inappropriate actions is a scary sign that he will muzzle free speech. What nonsense! The cast of Hamilton was uncivil and crass -- something, by the way, the media always accuse Trump of being. Well, the media got lectured by Trump in an appropriate setting - a meeting to discuss working together. Hey, what's wrong with clearing the air first?

But the double standard lives! Liberals can do whatever they want, when they want, in whatever fashion they want. But conservatives? Well, that's a horse of a different color. Conservative speech they don't like is "hateful" and violates their "safe spaces" which gives them the right to riot, loot, and burn.

Trump called CNN a "network of liars" which they are, and everybody knows it. But, hey, politicians aren't allowed to say that. Well, Trump is not your average politician and I find his calling it like it is refreshing.

Frankly, the entire episode has me laughing. I'm sick of all the crass politicians with their fingers in the wind. We have a mainstream media that doesn't report, but distorts. They gave Hillary debate questions, fudged the polls, and were totally biased throughout the campaign. And if the media are squirming on the hot seat now after their "deplorable" behavior during the campaign, so much the better.

I really hope Laura Ingraham is named press secretary!

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