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Monday, November 7, 2016

Remember the Babies: Vote Pro-Life Tomorrow

By Alice Doyle

Many people do not know this about me but when I was about 11, my mom went to jail for the first time for trying to save babies by blocking access to an abortion clinic. She later became involved in Operation Rescue and she and my Grandma nearly missed my graduation from UVA after being arrested and jailed for three weeks on a trespassing charge in New York. 

Growing up, my parents hosted over a dozen unwed mothers. Many people refer to unborn babies as "the product of conception" "the fetus" or "clumps of tissue" but every one of those young women delivered a baby and, for the most part, gave that baby to another family to raise. As a young girl, I was deeply impressed by their courage and sacrifice.

I was truly shocked during the third presidential debate when Hillary Clinton stated her unwavering support not only of abortion rights but the practice of partial birth abortion. Not that the way a baby is aborted or the age of the baby changes the result but there is a difference with partial birth abortion. The baby is too mature for normal abortion procedures and mature enough to survive on his/ her own outside the womb. Clinton claimed that this procedure is necessary for the health of the mother. But how could it be? At the time of death, the baby is almost completely delivered and outside of the body of his or her mother. Doctors came forward after the debate refuting Clinton's assertions and stating plainly that there is never a reason to do this to save the mother's life. So why kill the baby?
Many issues have surfaced during this election but none is more important than this one. And that is because not one of us--not the illegal hoping to stay, not the young person saddled with college debt, not the senior citizen worried about healthcare coverage, not me, not you, not even the candidates--would be here were it not for life. Life is first. Then the rest.

Of course, there are many ways to destroy life. There is abortion. But even those who have never had or would never consider an abortion can kill their spirits and even their souls by supporting it, tolerating it, voting for it. 

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that the spiritual poverty of the US is worse than the physical poverty she saw on the streets of Calcutta. "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish," she said.

Tomorrow, let's stand for our future, our hope and the greatest treasure we have. Vote for life!

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    Fr John O'Conner referred to abortion as a sacrifuce to Satan....Mollock is the ancient god of human sacrifice.