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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Predator Priests Groom Their Victims: A Lesson for Parents!

Many Catholics believe the sex abuse scandals are a thing of the past. They aren't. A number of dioceses continue to coddle homosexual priests who maintain same-sex relationships, enjoy pornography, embezzle parish funds and are a real threat to the young. As recently as last Spring, a group of laity in Miami at St. Rose of Lima put together a dossier on their pastor, Fr. Pedro Corces, who was cavorting with his gay boyfriend and making changes at the school that concerned parents. He gave his boyfriend who had an extensive criminal background a maintenance job at the parish. 

When they took their information to Bishop Thomas Wenski did he thank the parents? No, it was deja vu: attack the messengers! He excoriated the laity, conducted his own investigation, and exonerated the priest in early July although he asked him to resign as pastor. Interestingly, Corces was also vocations director from 1996-2006. Now who exactly do you think he was bringing into the seminaries? More about Fr. Corces here. I bring this up because the case below is an old one. But what happened to the family and the "grooming" techniques used to molest the children is as typical today as it was then. Find a vulnerable family, befriend them especially the young boys, take them on outings alone, and when the timing is right molest them. Sometimes the children are threatened not to tell and the abuse can go on for years. This case is heartbreaking, but things like this are still going on. And Wenski's behavior in Miami shows that the Child Protection Programs are, in many cases, a farce!

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