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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump's Message to Catholics

And a hat tip to Fr. Z where I first saw this.

Catholics are indeed an important part of the American story and the names of many of our cities points directly to the impact of the early Catholic missionaries: San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, St. Augustine, Corpus Christi, St. Louis, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Sacramento, St. Paul, St. Simons Island, St. George Island, St. Petersburg, St. Mary's County MD, etc. point to the Catholics who settled here and shared the faith. As we face the difficult years ahead, let's commit to being new missionaries planting the seeds of Catholic faith in all our communities.

St. Therese, patroness of missionaries, intercede for us that we may make our country once again a land that is one nation under God with liberty and justice for all both the born and the unborn.


elpine flower said...

My fear is for Trump's life.
He recently stated he would stop the flow of our carbon tax to the UN because we have no idea where the monies go and because we need to take care of America first.
Carbon Tax = Cap and Trade and Climate Change which was initiated into globalized politics by Marxist Communists.
"It must be understood that what is occurring here, not just in Doha, but in the whole climate change process is a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world. [Emphasis added.]"
Read this article below.
Lord Christopher Monckton, Pat Buchanan, Laponto Institute have all warned us.
Gorbachev ( NOT A CHRISTIAN) no matter what propaganda you have read, was praised by Marxist Communist Armand Hammer ( whom Gore's father worked for) ..........when he opened up Russia to global free trade and was rewarded with his communist poliitical agenda headquarters for "Green Cross" and first given offices in the Presidio in CA.

TLM said...

I often wonder if Mr. Trump realizes what he's actually up against. (or maybe WHO he's up against) A good number of us now realize he's up against the 'Globalist Community' world wide, of which Hillary Clinton and her minions are an important cog in their wheel. George Soros is powerful with his billions, but even he is only an errand boy for the ultra elite. I as well, along with some of my family that support him are afraid for his life. These people will do ANYTHING AT ALL to keep the 'global' ball rolling and evil in control, and stealing an election is only small potatoes to these evil people. If they feel it's necessary, they will eliminate Donald Trump, especially if he somehow miraculously wins the election. He absolutely has the election wrapped up, but they will do what it takes to keep him out of the White House and coronate Hillary Clinton as Queen of the globalist movement. Who, or even how many they have to eliminate in the process is inconsequential to them.