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Friday, November 4, 2016

On Global Warming and the Exploitation of Children

This video made me downright angry. The left, who have no problem filling our landfills with babies' bodies and our waterways with chemical birth control, exploit children to promote their bogus global warming scam. And the condescending attitude of those little preachers hired to scold their parents is nauseating!

Exploiting children is nothing new for liberals trying to advance an agenda. I remember when Fairfax Hospital filled their fundraising brochures with preemies saved in their neonatal wing. (They probably still do.) What they didn't tell the community was the number of babies older than the surviving preemies that they were were killing during the second and third trimester.

This isn't about protecting the earth, it's about controlling the people on it (The ones who are allowed to live that is.). It's all about population control, folks, and money.

Now that you've seen how Hollywood is playing these little ones to guilt their obviously dumb and clueless parents (Father doesn't know best anymore. He's an idiot named Homer.), check out the comments of this Nobel Laureate who calls global warming the "new religion" that can't be discussed or challenged. He makes it clear that global warming propagandists like NASA "fiddle with the data." It's all nonsense and you can't trust the alarmists. "It's absolutely not true!" Do the research and follow the money. Chicken Little gets grants for screaming, "The sky is falling!" and not for saying, "Things are okay." Watch this video and you will never buy the scammers snake oil again. As Dr. Giaever says, "It's just ridiculous!"

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elpine flower said...

Another bid from an elitist to become relevant again after throwing the Irish Catholic workhouse sexually and physically abused under the bus as "being delinquents anyway".