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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Can it Be True? Do We Actually Have a President with Common Sense?

Trump bans transgender people from the U.S. military, via Twitter

The purpose of the military is to protect and defend the United States, not to provide a laboratory for social engineers. 

God bless, President Trump. One more reason to be glad I voted for him last November. 

And then there are these other actions that deserve kudos:

On abortion:
On the environment:
On the military:
  • has frozen hiring with limited exceptions
  • has required agencies to eliminate two rules for every new one they want to implement
      N.B. This has the potential advantage of reducing the number of liberals in Northern Virginia     
      which could impact our danger of becoming a blue state. 

Welfare reform:


  1. Trump is fortunate to have so many bad things from Obama to roll back. He can pick and choose a dozen or two, barely making a dent, while distracting us from crony appointments like big gay Goldman Sachs scaramucci.

    And for the last time, gorsuch is indeed a Scalia lookalike but Scalia said the constitution only protected walking around people. Don't me going on ivankas daycare empire or her husband's family wrecking ideas.

    Most of the pro-life appointments were of neocon incrementalists who throw marshmallows against abortion.

    We need to stop patting ourselves on the back for voting against Hillary and work on getting somebody better for 2020.

  2. I hope you're praying for Trump. Tell me when we've had a perfect man for president? I don't think Jesus ever ran.

  3. Anonymous, I believe that Mary Ann is pointing out to those who imprudently spouted the #nevertrump mantra that it's most fortunate that they did not get their wish. Had Hillary been elected, not one thing she listed would have been accomplished and we'd be further down the culture of death abyss than we currently are.

  4. The left portrays him as a failure and if all you judged him on at this point, a short 6 months in office, was enacted legislation, you might agree, but he's not waiting on Congress. Regulations were and are what strangles the country. People figure out how to live with or get around a law as it suits them, but regulation can nail your foot to the floor. Laws are merely the rules of the game, so to speak, but regulations are the burdens that slow us to a near halt.

  5. Prior to August 2016, I considered doing a 3rd party or write in vote (Cruz got my vote in the primary). I live in the South, and figured Trump would easily carry my state, which he did. After Trump picked Pence, I got on the Trump train, and I can tell now that the alternative (HRC) would have been much worse. Trump is the lesser of two evils.

    That said, if I could have voted in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Florida, California, or anywhere in New England and anywhere in the Midwest, I would have definitely been on the Trump train much sooner. A 3rd party vote on the east coast, the Midwest, or the left coast was definitely a wasted vote.

  6. I am disappointed in Trump's treatment of Jeff Sessions.

  7. The White House is a zoo right now and I don't know if Trump knows enough to control the animals.

  8. Gosh, is that anything new? Remember the horny groping gorilla? Seems to me the White House is generally a zoo these days. But is that any surprise when "we the sheeple" are overrun with clueless baboons and dumb oxen?

  9. Yes, but one hopes the ringmaster isn't one of the "clueless baboons and dumb oxen" and I fear he is both. I was at the Jamboree last week and have never been so embarrassed both that my kids had to hear him and FOR him. I'm finding my fellow conservatives more than willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that he seems incompetent and inappropriate, but that speech, in person, made him seem unhinged from reality. It was scary, and I don't use that term lightly. And the Sessions issue is just another red alarm.

  10. Did we listen to the same speech? It was a testimony to the Boy Scouts. I've published excerpts from the speech on the blog and I have to say I'm embarrassed at the insults to the president from someone who claims to be a "fellow conservative." Very little of the speech was political.

    Unhinged from reality? Are you serious. Incompetent? Scary?

    I wish I thought you were kidding.