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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rotten Carrots in the Primordial Soup....

...or No soup life for you!

During the agony in the U.K. over precious sick baby Charlie Gard, I kept thinking of the soup nazi on the TV comedy Seinfeld. Only the fight wasn't an on-going joke over a bowl of soup, but a real-life struggle over the life of a child and the parental rights of his mom and dad.

You can tell a lot about the philosophy of a person by the decisions he makes. There isn't much online about Nicholas Francis, the presiding high court judge who ruled over the Charlie Gard case. But he clearly has little regard for the Catholic teaching that parents are the primary decision makers over their children. Francis ruled in favor of the hospital's death wish every time the parents appeared in court.


No life for you!

No treatment!

You raised the money to cover it? -- too bad, Charlie. "No life for you!"


No rights for Charlie's parents to seek treatment elsewhere when Great Ormond Street Hospital refused it. "No life for you!"


No right for the parents to take Charlie home to die.


Solomon knew the real mother by her sacrificial love.
Clearly Judge Nicholas Francis was no Solomon who asked God for the gift of an understanding heart and used it to protect and preserve life.

Had Francis faced the two mothers, he would likely have ordered the infant divided by the sword.

Like doctors and judges in the Third Reich who deliberately murdered the unfit, he apparently saw Charlie as nothing but a rotten carrot in the primordial soup -- a mistake of nature that had to be corrected by elimination.

But, like those same Nazi doctors, Francis cloaked his evil decision in the garments of compassion. Charlie had a right to "death with dignity." After all, his life wasn't worth living. So...we'll kill you with our compassion. NO LIFE FOR YOU!

Judge Nicholas Francis and the doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital put faces on the culture of death. We've seen those faces before on every tyrant who demanded the murder of an innocent human being. We saw them on the faces of doctors and judges who ordered forced sterilizations of the unfit in Nazi Germany and gassed the retarded and mentally ill. We've seen them on the faces of doctors and judges who ordered and enabled the deaths of Terri Schiavo, Hugh Finn, and so many other rotten "vegetables" in the primordial soup. Their number is legion and they are making these same decisions every day -- usually in the dark since most of these murders by dehydration, starvation, or major organ donation never come into the light and are committed "legally."

"No soup for you!" was a joke. "No life for you!" is the gruesome reality of the culture of death!

Thank God for the love of Charlie's parents. Their battle for their beloved little boy stripped the mask off evil even briefly. Perhaps a few more concerned souls will wake up to the grim reality we face and will start fighting back.

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!


  1. Let's pray for all the people that had a hand in this decision, that they come to realize that human life is sacred. Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.

  2. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, can it be considered a mere coincidence that the name of this judge, and the name of the pope on whose watch this vulnerable child was killed, are one and the same? Oh, sure, Pope Francis said Charlie's parents should be given "a little more time" with him. Big deal! What about being given a chance to save his life?

  3. Poor St. Francis. And St. Nicholas too -- not to mention St. George the dragon slayer. Let us ask all of them to intercede for Pope Francis (Jorge) and for Judge Nicholas Francis. Have mercy on them, O Lord.

  4. What's more disgraceful is the fact that the Pontifical Council for Life sided with the judge. That demonstrates that the Catholic "leadership" is "all in" on single-payer health insurance from the government. The "leadership" doesn't really give a rip about what it claims to believe in. All it wants is power and secular influence.

    For those of you pining for Benedict XVI, he really was no better when it came to concentrated government power. Just read his encyclical, "Caritas et Veritate," which advocates an international authority "with teeth" (encyclical's words) to direct not only international but also domestic economic policies to promote international peace, environmental protection economic improvement for the poor and "for the common good."

    Tell me, honestly, do any of you seriously believe that such an authority would rule any differently concerning Charlie Gard and his parents?

  5. Chris Gard and Connie Yates said that they had "no control over their son's life and no control over his death." That is one of the most chilling statements I've ever heard and is what happens when government controls the health system.

    They also said that Charlie was "too special for this cruel world" and that at one point "Charlie had a chance but it wasn't allowed."

    Charlie was baptized a few weeks before he was killed by GOSH at the request of the UK legal system.