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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Venom of Sin: “Penises are simply part of a woman’s body”

Anything goes
Heterosexual people know that a real woman will never have a penis and a real man would never be able to bear a child. This type of rubbish-think is the fantasy world of the transgender agenda where God is absent therefore “anything goes”.

Zinnia Jones is a man from Orlando who thinks he’s a woman and therefore calls himself “Zinnia”, a transgender woman who leads other people into sin. Zinnia thinks that straight men should want to have sex with men who dress as women because genitals are “only flesh” and all you heterosexual guys out there need to deal with it and just get over it. The number of straight men looking only for a biological female mate to marry and have children with is artificially inflated by social stigma and biases because Zinnia knows that straight men want to have sex with her but refuse to ever admit it and cover it with transphobia. Zinnia repeatedly teaches that penises are simply part of a woman’s body and for straight men to desire only biological women should be an outlier and marginal position.

If this trash keeps up Zinnia will be running for office in order to pass a law that straight men and women cannot desire each other. Transgender Nazis will roam the universe to make certain heterosexuals do not meet, date, marry and have children the way God made it (marriage) to be from the beginning of time.

This "man" has a womb
The liberal MSM show pictures of what appears to be a pregnant man but who is in reality a pregnant woman. It’s merely that this person is transgender and wants to shock people to get attention (15 minutes of fame versus Eternity isn’t smart). What can be more scandalous than a man with a womb about to give birth and a woman strutting around with a penis? It isn’t real because DNA always rules the day – a person who is pregnant is always a woman even if she looks like Chaz Bono, and a person with a penis is always a man even if he looks like Caitlyn Jenner.

"Woman" with a penis 
To think that they think we’re as delusional as they - as if we’d ever think their transgenderism is normal and our heterosexuality is abnormal - shows their lunacy. They know that normal people will never believe in their aberrations of nature, hence the Left’s creeping totalitarianism and weird irrational rage. In a few years heterosexuals won’t be able to go out with each other. The left will go crazy and riot, overturn and burn cars, smash windows, scream and yell obscenities and kill people all because “boy met girl”.

In reality transgender people make themselves like unto slugs – hermaphrodites. “And God made them hermaphrodites, male and female He made them combined into one human form, the male part to bear children and the female part to bare a penis.” - Excerpt from the lost book of Genesis recently found by Zinnia “Indiana” Jones


  1. One way our intellects become corrupted is by adopting the language and categories of our enemies who are at war against us and everything we believe.

    Male and Female He created them.

    Let the Science Deniers use the gnostic neologisms that try to shroud their perversions but we ought not to cooperate in the corruption by playing along with their creepy concepts.

    Biology is quite simple; there are only two sexes and those who deny that are science deniers who deserve as much of our sympathy and empathy as those who try and destroy us by physical means.

  2. O, and Caitlyn did have his penis removed and so now he is a man who chose to have his reproductive organs surgically removed.

    He is not a woman, he never has been a woman, and he will never be a woman. All he will ever be is a pathetic man with mutilated reproductive organs.

  3. O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding the profane novelties of words, and oppositions of knowledge falsely so-called" (I Tim. 6:20)