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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Really, McDonald's? Must the LGBTQ Agenda be shoved down our throats with your fries?

Some McDonald's locations in D.C. are showing their support for the LQBTQ community with new fry boxes.Another good reason to pass up McDonald's when you're choosing a fast food alternative. Chik-fil-A, here we come! I'll take your frozen lemonade any day over anything McDonald's has to offer! And it comes without offensive "values" being force fed to customers. Let the CEO of McDonald's know what you think about their celebration of homosexual sodomy, nudity, S&M, and other X-rated behavior at D.C.'s "pride" parade.

McDonald's to debut rainbow-decorated fry boxes along DC's Capital Pride parade route


  1. I'm going to boycott McDonalds and let them know why. On to the ever growing list!

  2. From California,

    I have never liked Mc Donald's fries. They are the worst - like sticks they are so thin, so this will not be a loss for me. I avoid them anyway as I knew they gave to bad causes. I only buy their drinks sometimes and an occasionally hamburger or salad, but no fries.

  3. Well Whoopee to you anonymous. You are really going the extra mile...... just don't put yourself out too much ( insert smiling face, with dexter eyelid shut, here

  4. The only thing I ever use MacDonald's for is their bathroom on my travels and occasionally a coffee. I'll still use their bathroom, but skip the coffee. I just recently discovered that Chik-fil-A now has a gluten free bun. So, if I want fast food, which isn't often, I will go there. Mary Fran, not Steve

  5. Geoff Kiernan, here is California we do not have much choice as most of our businesses give to bad causes. There are a few who do not, and I am almost afraid to name them lest others boycott them.

    I have never heard anything bad about Jack-in-the-box and go there frequently, but if I mention it, surely someone will come up with something. Chick-fil-A is another, but so far only one of them has been able to even get established in our area. Another would be In and Out Burger.

    Often pro lifers here go to the other establishments for the sales, and use the money saved to counteract their policies. It is all prudential judgment, so please do not judge us too harshly.

  6. I sent a note to Steve Eastabrook.Told him I won't frequent MC's anymore. Too bad, because I like their fish.