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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We'll Never Know if Charlie Gard Would Have Been One of the Miracle Babies!

Our Lady of Life, pray for us.
Miracle Babies by Nancy Valko

Doctors and judges aren't gods. Unfortunately, many of them are confused and think they are. And so they make decisions about the "quality" of life of patients and often devalue those that, in their godlike opinions, just don't measure up.

Charlie Gard has taught us a lot. He's taught us that many parents don't have the right to make medical decisions for their children any more. He's taught us that many doctors resemble Dr. Mengele more than Dr. Schweitzer and that radical judges and courts are modern "Big Brothers."

And he's taught us that the spirit of the Third Reich is alive and well in the U.K.

Just as doctors and judges devalued life in Germany through the T4 euthanasia program, the doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London followed in the footsteps of those sames doctors who put checks next to the names of the retarded, WW I amputees, and other "useless eaters" marked for death.

Just like Charlie Gard, those Germans weren't fit to live. The doctors experimented with the most efficient ways of group killing. The "hardware" (gas chambers and crematoria) and "software" (the bureaucratic process) they developed was used later to implement Hitler's "final solution." Some of those doctors were tried at Nuremberg. In view of what's happened to Charlie and his parents, maybe it's time to apologize to Hitler and his co-murderers. After all, Charlie Gard's government appointed "guardian" is a euthanasia advocate just like they were. Surprised?

Face it, folks. We are on an out-of-control death train that began with contraception. The Third Reich forcibly sterilized about 300,000 Germans. Millions of Americans do it voluntarily, some permanently, some temporarily. Like the doctors who play god, the contraceptors think they are the arbiters of creation. Pregnancy is demonized unless it's under human control. No baby but a wanted baby!  As if God could ever create an unwanted soul!

Contraception was quickly followed by abortion for exceptions, then abortion on demand without apology, and now abortion as a positive good. And, just as night follows day, it is now the government and doctors deciding who to kill by neglect or with lethal drugs.

Think about it. When the majority of health care providers are killers, where will you go to find a "safe space" when you are sick? Good question, eh?

Charlie taught us that there are still millions of people willing to fight for the life of a sick little baby marked for death by his medical care givers. May every one of those who fought for Charlie become activists in the fight against the culture of death!

Defend life, because the life you defend ultimately may be your own!

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