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Friday, July 14, 2017

Words Matter!

Fr. Martin's Grammar Problem

Liars know it for sure. Remember when Bill Clinton played games with words. He "did not have sex with that woman." Of course, it all depends on your definition of sex. And then there's the definition of the word "is." Liars like to play with word meanings and that's what Robert Greving illustrates in his article. And no matter how many liars like Fr. James Martin try to dance on the head of a pin the words will still mean what they say -- whether it's truth or a lie.

The homosexual attraction is disordered. It is not "differently ordered" any more than a man's attraction to his dog or to using asphyxiation or BDSM to get it on. Call things what they are and don't play the word games so popular with the Left who never met an idea they couldn't warp and twist. Words have power. Let's make sure the words we use advance truth!


  1. Well written and an efficient number of words, too!

  2. Jesuit Martin's grammar English use of differently ordered is.