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Friday, July 28, 2017

Exposed! Russia Paid for the Trump Dossier...

...and the Mainstream Media Goes Silent! Surprised?

And check this out.

The smear campaign against Trump was just that -- a smear and fake news. And now we know that Trump wasn't colluding with Russia. Russia was colluding to get Hillary elected. No wonder. She sold them our uranium for personal financial gain. Does anyone really believe a speech by hubby Bill was worth half a mill in rubles? Nope, Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to make big bucks for her and Billy Boy. It's an M.O. that the Clintons have practiced since their earliest days in politics. And as they say, practice makes perfect -- perfectly scandalous.

Thank God she's not president!


  1. Surely you don't believe that truth matters to the Democrats or the Main Stream Media?
    This is the sustained and continuous MO of those who value power over truth.

  2. Oh I believe it. But all what has happened to Obama Care and now taking more power away from the president seems like Graham has become Hitler and gop too! And all Dems and Republicans! Maybe we need to fight for our president.he fights for the people.