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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why Exactly is this Man Still Allowed to be an Active Priest?

Priest Creates Stir with Sex Life Revelations

I never thought using the term "active priest" might mean "sexually active!" But here is a man of the cloth bragging that he's always prepared, with condom in pocket, in case he finds himself an opportunity for a "fling."

Why exactly is Tomás Herrera still in the "active" priesthood?

My friend, Fr. James Haley, was suspended for being a whistle-blower about the gays in the priesthood in our diocese. And yet this man and others like him publicly scandalize and often there is nary a peep from their superiors. I can't believe this is the first scandalous act on his part.

What exactly is going on?


  1. Isn't it time to shower the Arlington diocese chancery with thousands of requests for information on Father Haley's store and current whereabouts?

    Get real Catholics all across the world to send emails and snail mail letters? Petitions?

    Real Catholics have a right to know.

    The mask of silence has been very effective in both Virginia dioceses over outrages like this!

    Mike Smith
    Chase City, Virginia
    In the vast wasteland that is the Richmond diocese!

  2. I doubt Herrera carries a Holy Rosary in his other pocket!