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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Guest Post: Exorcism Claim about Francis Prompts Vatican Investigation

Jesus' temptation in the wilderness was real.
The new head of the Jesuits, Fr Arturo Sosa Abascal, recently called the devil a symbol of evil. Later his spokesman said the comment was taken out of context and that Sosa "believes what the Church teaches." Well, maybe and maybe not. We have plenty of evidence that many Church leaders these days don't believe at all what the Church teaches. In any case, read this article on exorcism and think about what you believe about the Father of Lies. And remember that Jesus' public ministry was immediately preceded by his meeting the devil (no symbol) in the wilderness and being tempted.  That is no fairy story, myth, or parable. And to prove it, immediately following the temptation, angels were sent to minister to Him. The devil is for real!

Exorcism Claim about Francis Prompts Vatican Investigation

By David Martin

Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, founder of the Brazil-based Heralds of the Gospel, recently told 60 priests of his order that Satan revealed in one of their exorcisms that Pope Francis was "my man" and that he is "stupid" and does "everything I want." A video has recently emerged showing Dias disclosing to his priests what was relayed to him by an exorcist of the order.

But in speaking to The Tablet, Fr. Angel Veiga, the Rome-based leader of the order, seemed to stagger at this revelation, arguing that it was Satan's own deceitful message. "It’s the devil, no? The devil is the father of lies," Veiga explained.

However, this reasoning is irrational, because during an exorcism the devil is not on his own, but is under constraint to say the truth against his will, as seen in the Swiss exorcisms in the middle-late 70s. If in fact the exorcism was some farcical act performed by a clown or fake minister—as we often see in the so-called Charismatic or Pentecostal sects—then yes, we would have to conclude that it was a prank or that the devil was speaking his own mind, but the fact that the exorcist's revelation was relayed by an exemplary priest of the highest integrity suggests quite the opposite.

On that note, it should be pointed out that the Heralds of the Gospel, a traditionalist group that is active in 78 countries, is an international Catholic Association of Pontifical Right which received pontifical approval in 2001 under John Paul II. The 2820-member group was also praised by Benedict XVI for being "full of enthusiasm for having recognized Christ the Son of God" and being key "in assisting with a great Catholic rebirth" in Brazil. During Pope Benedict's reign, two other societies grew out of the Heralds.

Moreover, the Heralds are known in Brazil for going into the country's favelas to track down and bring back misled Catholics that are pulled away from the Catholic Church by Protestant "evangelicals."

Hence it could never be argued that the Heralds lack credibility or canonical status, nor could it ever be said that they are half-hearted in their commitment to the Gospel. In founding the organization, Msgr. Clá Dias said he envisioned a movement that would "give itself completely to the Holy Catholic Church," and that would act as a "truly Catholic institution, a truly religious institution, whose members would live as really consecrated to God."

Msgr. Dia's vision has certainly been realized, evidenced by the Herald's staunch defense of the Church in the face of all the attacks it receives from dissident Catholics, most especially since the election of Pope Francis.

In the video, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, the spiritual inspiration for the Heralds, is described as being in Heaven incentivizing the removal of Pope Francis and saying "the next Pope will be good." Corrêa, whose secretary for 40 years was Clá Dias, was known in Brazil for his staunch and trenchant criticism of liberation theology, something Francis has been an avid supporter of.

Early in June, Mgr. Clá Dias unexpectedly resigned and reports emerged of a Vatican investigation into the group. A Heralds spokesman in Brazil confirmed the probe saying that it was a routine apostolic investigation which "can occur at any moment for any religious institution," though it seems to have been prompted by the surfaced video.

If done truthfully, a Vatican investigation into the video could indeed be effective in alerting the faithful to the crisis in the Church, but given the present state of affairs in Rome, what chance is there that the matter will be given justice? With Satan having infiltrated the Roman hierarchy and the Vatican being used now to advance globalism and population-control, there is little chance that Rome will speak the truth for the edification of the Church and world.

The Blessed Virgin at La Salette prophesied these very days, when she said: "The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay." (1846)

Vatican investigates Catholic group after exorcism claim that Francis is devil's man

Below read an excerpt from a book about the Swiss exorcisms. 

Warnings From Beyond (Hell) To the Contemporary Church
[Confessions of Hell]
A literal text of the revelations made by the demons
Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida, and Veroba
during a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978
A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’ by Jean Marty.

A literal text of the revelations made by the demons Beelzebub and Verdi-Garandieu during a series of exorcisms (December 8, 1977, March 25 and April 5, 1978)

EXORCISM OF DECEMBER 8, 1977 After a stubborn battle between the exorcist and the demon Beelzebub, the latter absolutely refusing to speak, here are the avowals which he was finally compelled to make:

B: They (he points upward) say: Adore, adore more, have more veneration before the Most High, Infinite, Sublime, Universal Majesty of God. It is much greater than you believe. Never turn your back on the Blessed Sacrament (painful breathing) and exhort others also to adore the Majesty of God by bringing it to their notice without delay. Think how the greatest courage and even the greatest good will (gasps and groans) must appear compared with such Majesty; or think how everyone should prostrate themselves in the dust before such Majesty. And how much more should they grovel in the dust, and how repugnant to the Divine Majesty are those who are cowardly, like present-day superiors, bishops and priests who, in the name of God, have no courage at all and who turn more towards exterior things than towards that which is their duty: that which they are commanded to do by Those up there (he points upward), that which the impetus of grace inspires in them. Often they do not respond to the impulses of grace (because this is so difficult in our era) and take the road of so-called obedience, which is no longer obedience in the minds of Those up there (he points upward), as we have previously been compelled to say.

There will come a time when everyone, good and bad, modest and proud (very painful breathing), sick or well, will see everything clearly. But many will not see clearly until too late, or after they will already have allowed many graces to pass them by, and when they will already have led many into error through this. That is what is tragic. Those up there make me say (he points upward), because it is no longer possible to bring back a man who is lost and goes to Hell - nothing can be done to save his soul, if it is already lost.

There are many souls who have died within these last ten years who would have been saved, if they had been led well by the priests, the bishops and the superiors. It is horribly tragic (shouts and howls of despair), it is horribly tragic and it can no longer be corrected-we are compelled to say that (dreadful howls).

She (he points upward) is feted today, on this Her Feast-day as Mother, as the Immaculate Conception... there She is, celebrating Her Feast. Christ was totally without sin and without fault and She too was without the least sin or fault. She is, and She was, without the smallest blemish.

But men carry on the “way they are going, with their blemishes and their faults, believing that this is an improvement, and that there is nothing wrong with trumpeting their ideas to the world and converting others to their way; of thinking. They often wish to teach others the ideas they have in their hearts.

But this is not good, because these doctrines they have in their hearts are false. They should, they should... One cannot simply throw overboard a Church, a Mass and sermons that have existed for dozens and hundreds of years. The clergy are blind. The clergy will see too late. Many of them will be lost because they have not wanted to see things clearly. We are being compelled to say all that on this Her Feast-day of the Immaculate Conception - She who was conceived totally immaculate.

She has always obeyed Him and has never done anything else, in the greatest as in the smallest matters - She has done nothing except carry out His Will. Yes, She has done even more than strictly what Christ required of Her. Oh, what has She not accomplished in Her great virtue! She has accomplished even more than was expected of Her up there (he points upward).

But you men, and especially the clergy, do not even accomplish what you should accomplish. True, the clergy are not without original sin; that is reserved for, Her, the Most Pure (he points upward). But these priests, bishops, superiors and lay people still receive many enlightenments which they could respond to, if they wanted to. If they were to pray more to the Holy Spirit, they would be able to accomplish much better what Those up there wish (he points upward), according to what is right and as it will be understood in the end, for they (these priests and lay people) are mistaken.

The current manner in which the clergy are directing and leading the Church is not in line with the views of Those up there (he points upward). They are our views (in a loud voice), originating from us down below (he points downward) - we are being compelled to say this. Imagine being obliged to say this! We are obliged to on this day of Her Immaculate Conception - She up there (he points upward), whose purity and sublimity no human can appreciate even in an approximate way (howls)!

Even we who are down below, who are proud and who were among the Angels, must bow down before so much sublimity, purity and virtue, must lower ourselves into the dust. How much more should you men sink down in into the dust and ashes, but you do not do it. Most men still think that they are almost Saints when they set themselves apart from others who are still truly humble and wish to make reparation. Many think that what is actually vice is virtue (groans and gasps).

When She will come (he points upward), when She will come (in a terrible voice), and that time is approaching ..... it will be too late. Then, for many, it will be too late. They do not realize; many no longer believe in the Great Warning or in the Great Catastrophe. In the same way, many do not believe - well, even less still - in what this book is proclaiming (“Warnings”) and what has had to be proclaimed. (Terrible wailing.)

If we could come back, we would behave better. How much better we would behave if we were still able to (shouts, sobs in a disturbing voice). If only - if only we could come back! If we could have again those last ten seconds which we had up there (he points upward) before being hurled into the abyss, if we had only those last ten seconds just once more (cries of despair) so as to be able to adore His Majesty again and to say: we are sorry; we wanted, in our senseless pride, to be greater than Your Infinite Majesty. We are sorry, do not damn us! Take us up there (he points upward), let us stay there in the most remote corner... But it is too late, too late for us... it is too late for us... We can do nothing any more (with unspeakable despair, howling and weeping)... This despair, this endless torment... this darkness which surrounds us for all eternity...

Men, open your eyes! Clergy, priests, superiors, bishops, open your eyes! Come back! We can no longer do it - but you still can. You still have these last hours and seconds. Many of you still have years; what good will they be if you do not use them properly? What use will they be to you? What will be the good, if you do what should not be done, and do not do what you ought to do? Do you know what we would do if we were still able to? But we cannot any more - not any more!
Call on the Blessed Mother
to fight the evil one!

The darkness is appalling, the gnawing worms are appalling, the fire which surrounds us and from which we cannot escape, is appalling. But appalling, too, in the sight of God, are these priests, superiors and bishops, who, in their pride, wish to exalt themselves above Goodness, above Messages, Warnings and Exhortations from Those up there (he points upward) and who are unwilling to do what Those up there (he points upward) wish and have ordained.

Many laymen are suffering because of this; The clergy are taking them with them, because the lay people believe the clergy, want to have faith in them, and so they should under normal circumstances. But with such men, they cannot, and must not, have faith in them any longer. Judas has said previously on July 17,1975: NOW, ONE CAN NO LONGER OBEY. And we are being compelled to repeat that on this day, the Feast of Her Immaculate Conception.

Follow the Way of the Cross, listen to the exhortations, the good exhortations. Without doubt, there are certain people who receive graces and yet are not good, but that quickly becomes obvious (painful breathing).

Look neither to the right nor to the left, neither to the front nor to the rear, neither towards the East nor the West, but only upward, even if this Will from On High (he points upward) is now difficult to carry out. Do not carry out any other will but that from On High (he points upward), for we have seen what it costs to disobey His Infinite Majesty ... we disobeyed and must now pay the penalty eternally ... we will never be able to come back ... and many of these priests will never be able to come back, and that is their loss...

We have finished speaking for today, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

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  1. Here a devil is confessing Our Lady was defeating devils well before Annunciation.

    In other words, Her (unqualified, unrestricted) Blessed Among Women is a real parallel to that of Jael and Judith, though theirs were restricted ones.

    And a proof She was without sin.

    One sin would have been at least a partial victory for the Devil, and he would not have been all that defeated.