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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Criticize Him All You Want: #TrumpHasaHeart!

Can you imagine Bill Clinton or Barack Obama doing this? Not hardly. Obama wanted the marines to hold an umbrella to keep him from getting his widdle head wet. Despite all his faults Trump is a person who has a heart for those who protect and assist him. I loved this!


  1. I am so grateful he is our President. President Trump is the President we need at this moment in time. I pray for him to accomplish much, knowing he is limited because he is just one man. No one could take the hits and punishment he is receiving and still be as incredibly productive as he about a taste of purgatory on earth. I couldn't agree more...President Trump has a heart!

  2. It says a lot about someone when they treat their servants well. Some struggle to know how to be the "king" while others realize they put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else and have no problem understanding the golden rule.

    We are ALL God's children and none is greater in his eyes than another, whether they be the one cleaning the throne or the one sitting on it.

  3. Let's be real here - the media and conservative internet was just as hard, if not worse, on President Obama. I'm tired of the mis-remembering. People never let up on Obama's birthplace, religion, etc. And I hate to even bring it up, but people were horrific in the way they discussed Mrs. Obama and those girls. It's great that President Trump showed the class to pick up the hat, but he violated the code out of ignorance in the same way Obama did in asking to have a Marine hold umbrellas over himself and another man at the press conference (the Marine should be at attention and ignore any mishaps of uniform due to weather, etc). And because this is something I've been wondering lately -- what is your view on the fact that if Mrs. Trump is Catholic, she's living in an invalid marriage? Because, she is living with a twice-divorced man and was not married in the church.

  4. Yes, anonymous, the "conservative internet" and the "alternative" media were critical of Obama. But the mainstream media idolized him. The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, etc. all worshiped at his feet as did CNN, the major networks, Good Morning America, Today, etc. And, yes, individuals could be nasty in their discussion of Michelle especially with snarky photo-shopping. I read very little about the girls except when the older daughter was caught at a concert smoking a joint.

    As for Melania being in an invalid marriage, what do you want me to say? She's in a sinful situation, the same situation a number of my family and friends are in. I've encouraged several to work toward validating their situations. I wouldn't cut off my relationship with them.

    I didn't vote for Trump because he and his wife are saints. I voted for him because he was the choice we had and offered a reprieve from the relentless destruction of our nation by liberals supporting demonic evils like abortion and assisted suicide. Frankly, I think he's a better president than George Bush who comes from a family committed to one-world government and gave us the invasive Patriot Act. And his actions to date have not made me change my mind.

  5. Anonymous, we are being real here. I watched the media kiss the ground former President Obama dare tread upon...not misremembering. As for conservative internet, I wasn't aware of internet back in 2009. I believe I became aware of it around 2012. Basically, the msm was all about King Obama for his first reign of 4 years with much coverup during his second 4 years. As for Michelle, again, msm was all in for her yet First Lady Melania has not received kindness at all. Also, reread what you wrote...President Trump did not violate the code because he, himself picked up the hat, placed it on the soldier's head and went for it again, when the guy behind him took over.

    As for Mrs. Trump, she stood before Pope Francis. I have heard it said she is Catholic. I have not heard the name of her Parish, have you? But as a fellow Catholic, our concern she be for her soul, so let's pray for her and President Trump.

  6. Cardinal Rode apparently spoke with Mrs. Trump about her baptism and the parish priest that presided over it. There is an excerpt of their discussion online. Her spokesperson confirmed that she is Catholic. I'm more than happy to pray for her and our President, but I'm frustrated at how two-faced my fellow conservatives have become. If the roles were reversed, the Obamas would be vilified in the media, not to mention Mike Pence, who touts his Catholic upbringing except is now an Evangelical Christian. We used to be the party of morals and higher ground, but now we are just as bad with our "conservative bias" as those we call liberally biased. And back to the photo at hand, President Trump should have ignored the hat on the Marine, instead of calling attention to it. But whatever.

  7. Anonymous,

    How are we two-faced? If the role were reversed, the criticism of Obama would be because he was "Catholic" but advocated the murder of the unborn and other moral atrocities. Trump has already cut off funding for international abortions and is cutting back funding for domestic abortions. He's more "Catholic" in action than many of the liberal Catholics in politics like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, etc. ad nauseum.

    By your rationale Catholics can't vote. My first presidential election was Nixon v. Humphrey in 1968. Tell me, since then, whom I could have voted for under your "moral high ground" standards. I support two Virginia candidates whom I consider real Catholics and ideal candidates: state delegate Bob Marshall and state senator Dick Black.

    But even God used pagans and flawed individuals to advance his will -- like Cyrus of Persia. Did God fail to stand on the "moral high ground" when He chose a pagan to help his chosen people rebuild the temple in Jerusalem?