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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Bishops' Bureaucracy: That Hideous Strength!

Michael Hichborn is one of the most honest Catholics I know -- totally committed to the faith. He is a wonderful husband and father and a real crusader for the truth. Contrast that with the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) and their commitment, not to Almighty God, but to the Almighty Dollar! One of the best things that could happen to the Church in the U.S. is the demolition of the USCCB!

Follow the money, folks. This is why my husband and I don't give a penny to any of the national collections. We support our parish through its development fund which is not taxed by the diocese.

The rest of our regular monthly charitable funding goes to the Poor Clare Monastery in Alexandria, AAA Women for Choice (a crisis pregnancy center) the Lepanto Institute, and the salary of a full-time pro-life heroine who works for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. Then we support individual charities like Aid to the Church in Need, the FSSP Seminary in Lincoln, The Missionaries of Charity, Mercy Chefs, other miscellaneous charities, and pro-life candidates for public office like VA State Senator Dick Black and VA State Delegate Bob Marshall. I'm sharing this list to point out that you can meet your charitable obligations and Church giving in ways other than through the collection basket. It's ironic that a donation you give at Mass on Sunday may result in advancing the murder of babies and undermining the Catholic faith. Isn't it time to stop feeding the pig?

If you are giving to Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and the Catholic Medical Mission Board, you are supporting contraception and organizations that promote abortion. How eager are you to cooperate in their evil?

WWJD? Do you think he would advocate these Judas activities? Not likely.

Please share this video widely. It's time Catholics in the pew put the USCCB on notice. We won't cooperate in your evil actions!

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  1. There is also Cross Catholic International which we first learned of on a trip to Front Royal 4 or 5 years ago. One of their people was at Mass at St. John's speaking about their organization. They do good work. And there are the seminarians and women in religious formation from our parish.

    Are you saying you don't put ANYTHING in the basket at St. John's? That would be a hard sell to my husband.

    We too are giving what we would have given to the bishops Lenten appeal to other more worthy organizations. We haven't given anything for years to CRS or CCHD. I don't even want to put anything into Peter's Pence. I've thrown the envelope away, but Steve will then put some cash in the basket.

    Yes, there are LOTS of ways to give charitably.

    Mary Fran