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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pediatric Expert, Dr. Paul Byrne, Defends Charlie Gard's Right to Treatment - #IAmCharlieGard

Charlie Gard in a system of death

In case the link isn't hot on your server:

This is an important article and it doesn't just relate to Charlie Gard and his parents! It's all about brainwashing the public into thinking the "experts" know what they're talking about and should be able to make decisions for you. The doctors say keeping Charlie alive is "inhuman." What's inhuman is deciding that a sick child isn't worth the trouble to treat.

They want him dead no matter how much the parents want to give him a chance at life. Why are they so determined to kill this particular child especially after the parents raised over a million dollars for treatment? Because he isn't "perfect." He has a disease that may need lifelong treatment. He's a potential continuing expense for the government monopoly health care system. And they don't want that precedent. The worst scenario for them would be for Charlie to get the experimental treatment and thrive. Goodness! That would open a real can of worms.

Think about that and remember that there are many incurable (but treatable) diseases. How long before those (of whatever age) with chronic conditions like heart disease, Down Syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases are being urged to drink the death cocktail because they suffer from incurable diseases? It's already happening. Read this article about a Nevada doctor who had TWO patients told they should commit suicide by insurance companies refusing life-saving drugs. How many other doctors have experienced this, but haven't spoken out. Note that it was in states that have legalized physician-assisted suicide. You better fight it if you value your life!

And here's a question. How is an insurance company pressuring people to kill themselves different from the young woman, Michelle Carter, who pressured her boyfriend to get back into the carbon monoxide-filled truck and finish the job. She is now facing a potential 20-years in prison? Why not the insurance companies?


  1. So many issues swarming around this. I can see that, at some point, extraordinary measures to maintain a life may not be called for, but that really should be the call of the parents/family, not the state, and not the insurance company, at least if the state/insurance won't be paying for it. What I don't get about this case is why the refusal to allow the parents to seek treatment at their own expense? The state/insurance company would have no stake at that point.

  2. Socialized medicine at its finest. It is borderline insanity to have the government involved in healthcare -- they make it less efficient, more expensive, less personal, and ultimately lethal.

  3. Remember Jahi Mcmath...still very much alive despite being declared dead. The vitriol of those seeking her death under the guise of mercy was breath-taking.

  4. That beautiful picture of Mother and Child ! ... brings tears to my eyes. We pray that God helps them, and for what the world has become, God help us all.

  5. Just for your information: A friend at work today said that her doctor (a woman) told her that she had the healthiest organs she had ever seen and suggested my friend consider putting "Organ Donor" on her driver's license. I told my friend NOT to do that...that she would be killed for her organs if she were ever in an accident. She said that her mother had told her the same thing. I said, "Listen to your mother! And make sure your husband does not have "Organ Donor" on his license either."

    Are doctors now checking our organs for possible healthy donors and "suggesting" to put "Organ Donor" on our driver's licenses?

  6. Just another thought - Since Charlie was "born that way" why won't they treat him? After all, transgender people say they are "born that way" and they receive stellar treatment, many at the expense of taxpayers. The Pentagon says the Armed Forces will provide sex-change operations to some active-duty transgender service members if a military doctor determines that surgery is required to treat the individual's gender dysphoria.

    "Born that way" has to fit the politically correct agenda.

  7. Dr. Byrne, Thank you for your tireless efforts on combating these issues and striving for public awareness. I pray that people will at least consider that this is happening now and has been happening for years. I hope that it becomes common knowledge and we can find a way to protect these innocent people. Thank you for being there for our family as well.