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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Really? Teenager Gets Belligerent with Police and Demands they Return Her Bong!

This story and the accompanying video (See below.) have troubling implications for the future. This kid, Logan Huysman, is 18 and a legal adult.  She obviously thinks she can do whatever she pleases without consequences. (Although perhaps she was high on drugs at the time.) Can you imagine our country in her hands? I hope she gets a few days in jail and a big dose of community service where she'll be exposed to people in need. I wonder if she's ever done a lick of work in her life. 

The bruises on her arms are no surprise considering she is apparently anemic (because of her drug use, perhaps?) and violently resisted the officers who were trying to get her under control. Be sure to read the police statement on the website. 

I give the officers credit. They were calm, professional, and simply persisted in asking for her cooperation.
According to this article Logan's father agreed with the police. (Poor man must be at his wits' end.):
Logan Huysman’s father saw the footage and it siding with the police, saying, “She was resisting arrest, and she had to be forcefully put in the police car. The police showed more patience than I would have.”
My brother was on the Baltimore County police force for years. This made me wonder what kind of garbage he had to deal with.Thank God for police cams. I hope they all get them. Say prayers for police officers today. They are the targets of violent liberals everywhere and some of them like the female officer recently killed in New York are paying with their lives!

As for Logan Huysman -- She needs a reality check. Pray she gets it.

Sounds like Logan's behavior with the police is not isolated if this mom's Facebook post is accurate. Logan needs an anger management course and a time out space.


  1. Her actions are derived from the moral squalor of our education system. "...from social conditions direct to behavior, without passing through the human mind." - Theodore Dalrymple (Dr Anthony Daniels)

  2. A good spanking from Mom and Dad might have been in order too!

  3. I admire the restraint shown by the Police Officer. I would have tapped her on the head with a baton/nightstick. Maybe several times.