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Friday, July 21, 2017

Guest Post: When an Abortionist becomes a Proselytizer of Catholics

From the looks of it, this woman may be meeting
her Maker soon. Please join me in praying for her
conversion and the conversion of Church leaders
who give her a platform to scandalize the faithful.
Editor's note: 

Talk about turning the faith on its head! We live in times when the orthodox (like the dubia cardinals) are sent into the desert and the Herods, Pilates, and pharisees become the honored teachers of the faithful. 

Jesus predicted it when he said a time would come when good was called evil and evil good, when people would prefer to have their ears tickled than to hear the truth.  I'm not sure we realized the reality that the people he meant occupied the highest level of the Church. Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us!

Notorious Abortionist to Speak at Catholic Church in Italy

by David Martin

Abortionist Emma Bonino is proud of the 6,000,000 babies she is directly or indirectly responsible for killing since 1968, and remains an avid abortionist to this day. This is not to mention her continued rant as a political activist to promote divorce, homosexuality, transgenderism, gay-marriage, the abolition of the armed forces, the disbanding of NATO, the liberalization of porn laws, mandatory sex education, and the Communist insurgence of the west under the guise of immigration. No repentance whatsoever.

Yet, Pope Francis in 2016 told an interviewer for the Corriere della Sera that Bonino was "among the great ones of Italy," and defended her on the grounds that she "thinks very differently from us." He recommended "patience," saying, "You have to look at people, what they do."

What does she do, but murder like a demon. Francis complimented her work with African "refugees," saying, "She is the person who understands Africa best. And she has offered the best service to Italy through understanding Africa."

And what has Emma Bonino done in Africa, but murder through abortion and the spread of abortaficient drugs, as well as to rally up thousands of immigrants to bring into Italy for the purpose of fomenting revolution. Over 500,000 migrants have entered Italy in the past three years alone.

This same Bonino will appear at a Catholic church in Italy to present the pro-migrant campaign "ERO STRANIERO: La humanità che fa bene." Since when is the Church a forum for the advancement of dirty politics? How is it that a long-time hero of Italy's left-wing Communist Party [Partito Radicale] who labors for the perversion and murder of the young is being given a platform to advance revolution through the destruction of Catholic morals?


  1. The devil "thinks very differently from us" too. Would Francis defend Satan by complimenting him for his "different way of thinking?

  2. Wouldn't put it past him. Has he not done so repeatedly by these kinds of stunts? I know we should pray for the conversion of such as Bonino but I feel more inclined to have more concern for those she will be speaking to, that they not imbibe her poison.