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Monday, July 3, 2017

UPDATE-UPDATE-UPDATE! Two Thumbs Down for the Pontifical Academy for Life and their Statement on Charlie Gard!

Baby Charlie Gard has essentially been kidnapped
from his parents, a violation of his rights & theirs.

The Vatican Flubs It on Parents' Rights and the Life of a Vulnerable Baby!

Really...should we be surprised? The Pontifical Academy for Life's new member roundup includes a number of anti-life advocates. One is pro-abortion, another is pro-euthanasia. Consider the statement on Baby Charlie Gard in that light. It completely ignores the fact that parents, not doctors or courts, have the right to make choices for their children (Obviously we aren't talking about parents who have their rights removed because they abuse or neglect their children.)

The Vatican statement could justify the decision of parents to end the struggle over the baby's treatment (too burdensome to the child, too expensive, extraordinary treatment, etc.); but in no way can it justify what is a medical and judicial kidnapping of Baby Charlie over the objections of his parents. The parents raised the money to treat their baby and found a doctor willing to do it. What gives other doctors and the courts the right to override the parents? They are being denied even the right to take him home to die. It's outrageous!

Justina still suffers ill effects from her kidnapping
and 16 month captivity.
This is the same sort of medical and judicial abuse that occurred over the case of Justina Pelletier.

Hillary said it and she meant it. Children belong to the state village. This is one more important reason to fight liberalism. Liberals think they can make a Utopia and it includes replacing parents lest children be raised with the "wrong" values -- you know -- those antiquated values that honor God above the latest zeitgeist. It's what happens when politicians and courts claim that society knows better how to rear children than their parents do.

Kidnappings by government and courts are becoming more and more common. Legal kidnapping is a way of life for some school and protective services counselors pushing the gay agenda. The abuses by child protective services around the country are legion. There's a lot of money in it and, as Christians become targeted more and more as demented and unfit, it's likely to get worse. Consider what happened in Ontario recently where where legislators passed bill 89 allowing the state to remove children from Christian parents who reject the LGBTQ agenda.

Pray and fight, folks. Do it for yourself and for your children and grandchildren.


  1. It appears that the Francis response was in reaction to the very loud criticism of true Catholics to Paglia. In other words, damage control and cleaning up the Vatican's image are what prompted Francis' statement.

    May God bless President Trump for offering safe haven to Baby Charlie. What a sad turn of events when the president offers Christian charity when a Vatican dicastery will not.

    The parents of Baby Charlie should NOT accept the offer from the Vatican's children hospital, which seems to have instituted some of Paglia's anti-life practices. Honestly, this all is beginning to sound like a very bad horror movie script.

  2. The very act of moving this baby will most likely kill him. There is no cure for his disease, even the "experimental" treatment will only stop further damage from occurring, but will not make it so he is able to breathe on his own. So he will spend the rest of his life on a ventilator. This is a sad and horrible situation, but sometimes it is the right thing to let go. I feel horribly for these parents and have an idea of what they are going through (I lost my newborn baby who was revived after a placental abruption, but had no brain activity or voluntary respiration) but I think people are operating under the misinformation that this baby can be "cured" when in fact, he can't.

  3. You may be right, Anonymous, or you may not be right. When my father-in-law took a fall and had a head injury, the hospital told us when they took him off the ventilator he would die. They said he could not breathe on his own. They took him off and he breathed on his own. My gut instinct was they turned up the morphine drip on him when he didn't die because he died minutes after they put us out of the room to take care of him.

    Doctors don't know everything. Christopher Reeves lived for years on a ventilator. The parents raised the money to give the baby a chance. Who's call is it really? Does the hospital and the court have the right to kidnap the baby from his parents? This has wide-reaching ramifications -- all bad!