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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thank the United Nations for the Chaos in Europe

The U.N.: the perfect model for the evil bureaucracy in C.S.
Lewis' novel, That Hideous Strength
Plot to replace Europeans with refugees exposed

When I read this article reporting on a 2000 U.N. paper describing the necessity of mass migration to the west to offset aging and declining populations, I wondered if it was fake news. So I did a search on the U.N. website and confirmed the existence of the report published in 2000 that did, indeed, promote the invasion as a "solution." Isn't this just what we'd expect from the Utopian planners who know what's good for all of us? The U.N. has spent years promoting the sexual revolution and the elimination of babies through abortion and contraception because of "overpopulation." And now their "solution" to the birth dearth disaster they promoted is a migration invasion. 

First they came for the babies; then they came for western culture. 

Think about the scenario. A country is having too few children to maintain itself. What would your first thought be to reverse the trend? 

Mine? Honor the family. Encourage marriage and parenthood. Introduce policies that strengthen family life and reduce financial stress. Increase the tax deduction for children. Urge advertisers to use large, happy families to promote their products. Don't persecute religions that honor God and family, but recognize them for their benefit to society. Pass laws that protect the unborn: the future farmers, factory workers, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, bakers, entertainers, etc. Discourage perverted forms of sexual behavior rather than giving deviants special rights. 

Bring motherhood and apple pie back into the mainstream.

There has never been a population problem. God provides for His creation. The problem is little tinpot gods who usurp God's authority and make themselves the arbiters over life and death. They form their diabolical little plans to rule over mankind. They see their evil creation and call it good. Their harvest is war, the gulags, and the death camps and now a Europe in chaos. 

Are we beyond the tipping point? Could be. But God loves His people. Let us throw ourselves on His mercy and appeal to Our Lady of Fatima to intercede for us. It is never to late for God's rescue. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. 


  1. Like you say, there is no overpopulation problem. Next time anyone is in an airplane just look down. There's nothing down there but miles and miles of open territory. Not a town or person in sight. Just mountains and trees, streams and rivers, beaches, lakes, meadows. God's pristine creation.

    The problem is that if we look up property records on all that open land we find that it's all government owned, so people are crowded into the small percentage of non government owned land.