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Monday, July 31, 2017

Draining the Swamp One Pedophile at a Time

Put pedophiles in prison!
Have you heard a single word from the mainstream media about the volume of pedophile and sex trafficking arrests since Trump took office?


Me neither. So I guess getting the word out is one more job for the alternative media.

I give you a handful of articles to cheer your heart. Liberals are champions of child killing. And the little ones they don't get in their abortion mills are fodder for their sex rings. That's why the educrats start grooming children in kindergarten. Sexualize kids young and they'll make easier targets for the sex industry.

Trump has targeted the pedophiles and sex traffickers. Lets pray he gets as many as possible off the streets and behind bars.

They're coming for you, sex traffickers.

Trump arrests thousands of pedophiles

Media ignores thousands of pedophile arrests since Trump took office

Massive online pedophile ring busted

And here's a video from a former navy seal, Craig "Sawman" Sawyer who is "ripping the lid off" child abuse and elite pedophile rings. Visit his website at He supports our president's efforts to pack pedophiles into prison.

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  1. This is what real men should be about,protecting the vulnerable among us. These pedophile fleas that inhabit the land stealing oxygen and the innocence of out Kids and Grandkids