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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Love Sugar? Want to Eat it Without Guilt?

Here's the answer! (I'm not recommending the book since I haven't read it, but I do recommend raw local honey.)

Get your "sugar" as "honey" and enjoy all the health benefits.

 We got 70 pounds from our busy bees last year and have enjoyed it all year as well as sharing it with family and friends.

Want a delicious alternative to the high corn syrup pancake toppings? Use honey. Or follow my example and mix honey 50/50 with 100% maple syrup. Yum.

Want another great alternative to the high fructose toppings for ice cream? Do you love wet nuts? Fill a jar with pecans or walnuts and pour in that same 50/50 mix of honey and maple syrup. No additives, no high fructose corn syrup -- just delicious, pure honey and maple syrup.

I'm experimenting with recipes to replace refined sugar with honey for a healthier, guilt-free sweet treat. Take advantage of honey's healing properties! Buy local, buy raw and enjoy!


  1. You have an apiary? What are your thoughts on the flow hive? Just curious.

    -Barbara Epley

  2. They're interesting but also incredibly expensive and I'm afraid they give people the idea that beekeeping is nothing but putting in a flow hive and then harvesting honey.

    I'm also curious how complicated it is to clean it or inspect the hive. Bees are notorious for propolizing everything.

    I'll be watching the information on this. They certainly hyped it well and brought in buckets of money before it came to market.