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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Edward Pentin exposes the drug-fueled homosexual cabal at the Vatican. God bless him for not being afraid to earn the enmity of top Vatican officials. 

And which of the Vatican officials is sitting on the rock thinking of ways to rid himself of this troublesome Vatican reporter?

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio?
Cardinal Walter Kasper?
Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri?
Fr. James Martin?
Any number of others at the Vatican! I used to tell my children: "Just because someone is wearing a roman collar doesn't mean he's telling you the truth. It's more true today than 25 years ago when my children were teenagers. Now I'm repeating that advice to my older grandchildren. Test the spirits. And if it stinks, don't eat it!


  1. I am currently reading God's Bankers, A History of Money and Power at the Vatican" by Gerald Posner. The book contains 173 pages of footnotes. I've barely cracked the cover on this gem, but already it is a page turner I would recommend. At the bottom of p. 55 is a *note that says: "After WWI, Italian intelligence had penetrated the Vatican with clerical informants and lay agents, ranging from cooks to footmen to policemen. They focused not just on politically significant information, but also on compiling compromising dossiers on the sexual predilections of top clerics. Such dirt was also useful as blackmail."

    This tells you that SEX IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE VATICAN, and maybe has been for a long time. What I can't understand is WHY, when it is found out, it isn't purged. If you do these things, we do not want you in our ranks. Period! Is there no one in power in the Vatican who doesn't understand how toxic this is? How damaging it is to the whole Church? And they think they can simply whisk this offender off for a little R&R with some nuns in seclusion for a while and things will be OK?

    What I have already seen to be the case in this book, God's Bankers, is that Vatican clergy has never had to "work for a living" and the money they have is easy come, easy go and never ending. What you spend today can always be replaced with the unending flow from the faithful who do the toiling and sacrificing.

    I am not envious of their position, nor do I resent that they are well cared for, but I do believe they harm us all and tarnish the name of St. Peter and his followers when they abuse their good life and embarrass us with their godless behavior. If you are going to live in a posh villa and drive a fancy BMW at other's expense, then at least BEHAVE as good examples of the Body of Christ.

  2. How tragic all this many will lose their faith? Will the Pope clean the swamp?
    The media must be salivating ...... Please, Blessed Mother, PLEASE, intercede for the Church and move the Pope to do what must be done.

  3. Fr. James Martin only wants to build bridges to the homosexual cabal. The other three are has-beens.