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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Devastating Nightmare of Abortion

On Longings and Lies

They'll never tell you in an abortion mill the sense of devastating loss most women feel after abortion and the nagging nightmare it becomes in their lives. Notice that the women who talk about how much they love their abortions are generally angry feminists who spend their time justifying the evil of killing their own children. Think of Gloria Steinham and Sarah Weddington. Do they come across to you as happy women? Weddington, a career liar, used Norma Jane McCorvey to get abortion on demand. 

The perfect icon for abortion is Goya's painting of Saturn eating his children. The reality leaves women who still have a conscience with grief and suffering. Pray for post aborted women, especially those who wear the mask of being fine with it. That's exactly what it is -- a mask. No mother can kill her child without killing a piece of herself. Only God can restore it, when, like Mary Magdalene, she falls to her knees at the feet of Jesus. 

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