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Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Interesting Fact of Fertility and Politics

Conservatives are often painted as doddering, old codgers, but data from the last election (See below) paints a much different picture. Take a peak and take heart if you're a conservative. Promiscuous young sluts (It's Planned Parenthood's term not mine) like Sandra Fluke may make Time's person of the year list, but the hand that rocks the cradle holds the future. My husband and I raised five conservative kids who married five conservative spouses and we have 21 grandkids who will be nurtured on faith, truth, and common sense. I read the Facebook pages of my pro-life friends' children who are also conservative to the core. They are busy having babies and staying home to raise them. How many kids do you think Sandra Fluke will create in her liberal image? The future is ours unless, of course, they kill us off which is certainly a possibility given the history of tyrants. But even that is a lose-lose situation. The blood of martyrs is the seedbed of faith.

Fertility Rates are a Good Indicator of Political Leanings

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