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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Monster Monsanto: Attacking the Farmers

"Totally ruthless."

Go to this link to read about the documentary below about how Monsanto goes after farmers. One Canadian farmer refused to be intimidated by the corporate giant who sued Percy Schmeiser when their genetically modified canola seed polluted his fields. A court ruled that all the profit from Schmeiser's crop was due to Monsanto who control the seeds and require re-purchase of the GM seeds every year. Two Canadian courts ruled that the farmers no longer owned their seeds; they belonged to Monsanto. But the Schmeisers fought...and fought...and fought. They argued in the federal court of Canada that no one has the right to patent a higher life form whether it's a bird or bee or seed.

This is a time-sensitive documentary available for free until November 10th. Watch it and understand what Monsanto is doing, not only to the livelihood of farmers, but to the quality of our food. I just bought a bottle of canola oil and now I'm wondering how contaminated it is with GM canola seed.

This video is shocking!  Work for GM labeling and boycott Monsanto. This corporate giant truly is the evil bureaucracy in C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength. Monsanto has created super-weeds that require the use of more and more toxic chemicals. And yields are down. Wake up people. Control of food is control of life.

N.B. For more on Percy Schmeiser's case and victory over Monsanto go here.

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