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Monday, November 5, 2012

No Wonder the Talking Heads are so Confident of Obama Win

North Carolina man brags he's voted multiple times for Obama

Do you trust the integrity of the election?

Ohio and Kansas problems with voting machines

Same problem in North Carolina

Democrats admit voting twice for Obama in 2008


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that your source for the first link has pornographic photos all along the right column? Not sure if that is exactly a reputable site. Hope I didn't get infected by clicking on it.

Anonymous said...

Here is a more reasonable explanation of what happened with the man in North Carolina:

I have also made jokes on my facebook page about voting "early and often" Hope the election board doesn't come after me!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Re the porn -- yikes! I didn't see that, but I've changed the link. Thanks for the alert. I rarely look at the ads, but I won't link to that site any more.

Re the "joke"...hmm... maybe it's true, but he was pretty darn specific. So I do hope they investigate thoroughly. As for the "death threats" I'm shaking my head. If that's true it's shameful, but no surprising in our increasingly uncivilized society.