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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Talking Heads Predict Obama Win....Surprise!

Ah...what a surprise! The talking heads predict Obama's return to the White House. If it happens, and it's surely not over til it's over, the liberal media can pat themselves on the back over their success in protecting their guy from his disastrous first four years. They have covered for him at every turn including the recent Libyan betrayal of our ambassador and his heroic defenders. Just imagine the outcome if the media had given Charlie Woods, dad of one of the dead SEALS, the microphone like they did with Cindy Sheehan during the Bush years.

Ah...for the days of journalists who reported the news honestly keeping their own opinions firmly out of the "news," saving them for the editorial page. But I've hardly seen that kind of media honesty in my entire lifetime. I remember one "journalist" who came to dinner twenty years ago to interview me for a Washington Post article on the "anti-abortion" movement. She met our children and broke bread with us. (Actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes.) Then she painted a very false picture that included an unflattering description of my haircut  (Int the accompanying photo my hair looked green.) and where I sat at the table. (She described me being at the "foot" and Larry at the "head" although, for the life of me, I can't figure out how she knew which end of the table was which!) I discovered later that her mother worked for Planned Parenthood.

But no matter what happens tomorrow, Christians know who's really in charge. It isn't the president or vice president. It isn't the men with the money. And it certainly isn't the media. Life will go on no matter who sits in oval office. Perhaps the persecution will go into high gear. In the light of eternity the petty plans of despots make little difference. God wins and there is no virtuous act that will go unrewarded and no evil act unpunished. So pray and vote. Ora et labora. It is the prescription for a happy life filled with beatitude no matter how the storms rage around us.


Jeanne Holler said...

Yes we know who is in charge : the good God , HE IS IN CHARGE .
Could it be the beginning of the end ?
God only knows .
God knows everything and He already knows the outcome of this presidental election let us TRUST in His Plan .

Old Bob said...

Thank you, especially for the last part.