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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Make a List and Check it Twice...

....and I'm not talking about Christmas.

What's on your "Thank You, Father" list this Thanksgiving?

For starters how about....
Thank You for sending Your Son to save us from our sins.
Thank You for our parents and the gift of life. May we use it to know You, love You, and serve You.
Thank You for the Church and our Holy Father so we aren't spiritual orphans in this wicked world.
Thank You for the Blessed Virgin Mary who intercedes for us in all our trials.
Thank You for our guardian angels and patron saints who serve as our trail guides on the journey through life.. 
Thank You for all Your gifts and please give us the desire to share them generously with others. Thank You for the roofs over our heads, the food in our pantries, and the clothes we wear. Help us never to focus on those gifts more than on the giver.
Thank You for the gifts money can't buy: sunshine, rain, the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, for butterflies and pets, for children's laughter and babies' smiles.
Thank You for the gift of health to walk, run, and play and the gift of illness and physical challenges to teach us humility and how to suffer for the good of ourselves and others. 
Thank You for the company of family and friends, for conversations and the silence of just being together. Thank You for grandchildren.
And thank You for this day with all its untried possibilities. 
Well, that's my starter list. What a different world we might live in if everybody started their days with a "thank you list." What's on yours?


Jeannie Holler said...

A Thank You List .
I have heard it another way : Our Gratitude List .
What great list you have shared with us .
I have much to be Thankful for , especially for be delivered from evil and my re-version back the Holy Catholic Church. Today I am fully ALIVE and desire nothing but GOD ALONE . God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving !

Chudah said...

What a lovely list. I'd add to my own the following:

Thank you for giving me the ability to be a great baker, so that I can place all of my love into the creations I make for my family and friends this holiday season.

Thank you for my kitty cats, especially when they keep me company on lonely days.

Thank you for the gifts of the Faith, Hope and Charity, I pray that I never lose them.