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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Signing the Petition in Virginia!

I love this article - Sore Liberal Winners - and, while I hadn't planned to sign the Virginia secession petition, this convinced me to do it. Everybody knows no state is going to secede, but we can sure voice our displeasure against out-of-control central government! Here's an excerpt:

These petitions are purely symbolic, a way to express displeasure at both the current administration and Congress -- including the GOP establishment running the loyal opposition. It is a way of asserting the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, making it plain that we still have states and that those states are not going to simply roll over. It is in the finest traditions of the Sons of Liberty who sought secession from the Union -- the Union Jack -- and who at first tried quite hard to simply access the rights of Englishmen. America did not want to break with the British Empire in the early days, but had the matter thrust upon them. I have little doubt Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, John Adams, John Hancock would have eagerly signed one of these petitions.
So get out your pen and sign your John Hancock to the petition in your state. Let 'em know we're sick of taxation without representation and we're going to work for states' rights against the behemoth of a federal government that detests freedom-loving people who support our Constitutional Republic!

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