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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heretics in the Pulpit: It's Past Time for Discipline!

If you wonder why over 50% of Catholics voted for the most evil man ever to run for president, a man who advocates infanticide for babies who survive abortion and whose administration provided guns to drug lords in Mexico terrorists in Syria (were American guns used in the embassy attack?) just check out this Baltimore priest, Fr. Richard Lawrence. This Baltimore pastor promulgated heresy in this "sermon" and according to reports received a standing ovation from his flock. Will he be disciplined by Bishop William Lori? So far the bishop's response was a general message on the diocesan website about priests not giving their own opinion from the pulpit. The correct response would have been immediate suspension. It is high time bishops were as vigorous acting against heresy as they are condemning faithful Catholics who dare to criticize their actions (and inactions). Send the bishop a message asking him to discipline Fr. Lawrence for the good of the people of God..And if you want to know why, read Dietrich von Hildebrand's The Charitable Anathema.

And now a quote from von Hildebrand:
To deplore disunity as such, instead of deploring heresies, instead of condemning these and calling them by their name, implies first of all that one would keep unity even at the cost of truth. But, of course, true unity presupposes unity in truth. Error, falsehood, can never be the basis for true unity....If we are truly concerned for unity among Christians, I submit that there is only one way to restore it, and it is the time-honored way: the anathema against all heretics. This is the way the Church has survived, kept her identity, through all centuries...True unity can be restored only by the conversion of the heretic -- or at least his submission -- or by his excommunication.
And here's a message from Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture suggesting the proper response is to immediately defrock this heretical priest. I second it!

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Anonymous said...

Heretic he is. Also, what is the Jewish woman Broadwell who just brought down General Petraeus? She certainly is not anything like the beautiful, but virtuous women of the Old Testament such as Queen Esther, Judith and Susanna. No, instead she is like the sterotypical Jewish princess who cares nothing for anyone but herself and goes after what she wants no matter who gets hurt, Petraeus's family and hers and the country.