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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wise Words from a Pro-Life Hero

I have admired Joe Scheidler ever since I first heard of him. Truly, this granddaddy of the pro-life movement is an imposing hero. I once heard him give a talk where he told us he believed the apostles on the road to Emmaus recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread because, as he raised his hands, they saw the wounds from the nails. Then he said Jesus will recognize us as His followers by our wounds. Do we bear the scars of Christ from the pro-life battle? If we do, we can be confident Christ, surrounded by the precious murdered innocents, will recognize and welcome us on Judgment Day. 

Here's a bit of what Joe has to say about the election:
Reflecting on our political situation, I have to confess that every four years I find I have fallen into the trap of expecting our political leaders to make my job easier. It is a terrible deception. In my heart I want to live by my (and St. Benedict’s) motto: “Ora et Labora—Pray and Work.” But along comes an election campaign and I am lulled into thinking that if a pro-life candidate gets elected, I can breathe a little easier. 
I say it is a deception, because our work as pro-life activists does not depend on who is in the White House, or the Congress or the State House, or even on the Supreme Court. We are commissioned by God to spread the Gospel, to restore respect for human life, to change the culture and build a Culture of Life. 
If we do our job right, we won’t have nightmares about radically pro-abortion politicians running our country, because the electorate will choose people who cherish life and liberty. (Read the whole article here.)
Thanks for your wisdom, Joe, and for teaching us what fidelity and fortitude are all about!


Unknown said...

I thought the same thing : If Romney gets in I can breathe a sign of relief and everything will be just fine...deception for sure!
Honestly it truly is not about them but about HIM , He who is Lord and King of the Universe, His Name is Jesus Christ , let us bow down and adore OUR KING!

Anonymous said...

What a fine man Joe Schneidler is, and he looks so gentlemenly in his suit and hat, especially after all he has been through for saving the lives of the innocent. God bless and keep him. Men and women such as he keep hope in our hearts -- the right kind of hope.