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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sr. Simone gets her earthly reward... invite to the White House. Just think of the welcome she'll get at the White House gates when she arrives. Oh...come in, come in. Well done good and faithful servant. After all, she did her darnedest to neuter the Catholic vote and get the abortion extremist in chief re-elected.

Wonder what kind of welcome her performance will get her when she stands outside the pearly gates.

Nun On Bus Goes To White House

One know how Sr. Simone and the nuns on the bus are always talking about the poor. Do you think they care about the poor kids in the Middle East living with continuous bombs since election day? Is there a connection between the reelection of a man who runs guns to terrorists and bows to Muslim potentates and the escalating violence in the Middle East? Just askin'.


Anonymous said...

I am very careful about judging what sort of a welcome others might get before God There are boudaries we should not cross

Terry Nelson said...

What a great analogy - her earthly reward indeed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think we all had better ponder what kind of welcome we'll get at the pearly gates, especially those who go around promoting heretical positions. Sr. Simone is the one who expostulated that questions about abortion were "above her paygrade." Seriously? Is she Catholic?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Anonymous, don't kid yourself. Both Scripture and Tradition make very plain that the practice of mortal sins, especially in flagrant manners, greatly increase the risk of eternal damnation. What Mary Ann said was said as a warning, not condemnation. Should we fail to sound warnings as needed, we do indeed imperil our own souls; make sure you're not doing or advocating that.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann and Restore Catholicism
I stand by my statement. I do not presume to know the state of another's soul before God, to judge whether their "sins" are mortal or sins at all. I certainly pray for Sister Simone and I pray for you too for from outward appearances I should think your souls are in even greater danger but I know that is only from outward appearences and I do not presume to know how you stand with God. So, as Janet says, this is only a warning not a condemnation but I will double my prayers for both of you today as you seem so confident about how so many others stand before God and that itself is, to all appearences, a grave sin

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm puzzled, Anonymous. Have you never heard of the spiritual work of mercy, "admonish the sinner?" When someone is committing public sins, admonishing them publicly is something justified by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor.

The Bible is filled with statements about blowing the trumpet to warn those in danger and includes judgments against those who do NOT warn others.

St. Paul's letters are filled with warnings including some that specify people by name.

What is particularly odd about your post is that, after saying Janet and I have no right to admonish anyone, you go on to admonish us. So which of your statements do you really believe? That it's always wrong to admonish others or ir's only right to admonish those who admonish others?

I appreciate your prayers though and I'm sure Janet does too, so please keep them up. Be assured I've added you to my rosary list as well.