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Monday, November 26, 2012

The American Holocaust... ugly part of our past, a continuous scourge on our present. 

When will it end? When will we stop killing babies? The story below began in 1982, but it continues today. The bodies clog our sewers and for many their cemetery is the landfill. And just like the German people turned away from acknowledging the murder of their neighbors, Americans continue the tradition of silence and indifference. It is our shame and history will look back and ask how we could sacrifice our young on the altar of convenience and materialism. Please share this story because it's your story and my story. It's the story of pagan Rome exposing their children on the hillside. It's the story of the Aztecs sacrificing slaves and captives by ripping out their hearts and flinging the bodies down the sides of the pyramids. It's the story of the Armenian genocide when the Turks gathered up the Christians into forced marches and mowed them down along the journey. It's the story of Elizabeth's England, Danton's France, Lenin's Russia, and Calles' Mexico when the faith was outlawed and clergy were murdered for saying the Mass. 

The butchers live on, but their evil can only succeed because of the silence of "good" men and women. Are we really so comfortable and conscienceless that we will do nothing for the least ones among us? least share this with others. Don't be part of the conspiracy of silence that allows the barbarism to continue.   The American Holocaust

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Anonymous said...

This is truly horrific. When will the mainstream media report on these kinds of stories to let people know the truth? We can not live in constant denial when we are confronted by the facts.