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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who are the Haters?

Liberals love to accuse conservatives of hate-mongering, but I have yet to hear any threats coming from the conservative corner. On the other hand we have all kinds of threats, profanities, and downright evil statements coming from the left.

Some liberals pretend to be joking as they spout their hate. Can you imagine what would happen if a conservative said, "White people know who you are and will be coming after you?":

Thousands of Obama backers say they'll riot if Romney wins:
Obama backers threaten post election violence if Romney wins
Threats even coming from the geriatric crowd promising to "burn the motherf***er down":
Bill O'Reilly reports 
Then there are the Democrats, including the president, talking about "pay back" and "revenge" and promising gridlock if Romney wins. (So much for civility in politics and reaching across the aisle!):
Obama to supporters: Voting 'best revenge' against Mitt Romney
Harry Reid laughs at bipartisanship
And don't forget the voter intimidation and illegal campaigning at polling places:
NAACP activists take over Houston polling place
FBI investigates Florida voter intimidation
The administration is not above using the IRS to intimidate groups and demand they identify their donors while keeping their own donor lists secret:
Obama's Bully Brigade
Obama's Chicago Politics - "If they bring a knife...we bring a gun." 
The Democrat Party under this president has become so extreme and hateful, it's frightening. Threats and intimidation are rampant. Chicago thug politics has gone mainstream.! For all the talk about civility and getting along and working together, the Obama administrations shows nothing but hate and contempt for their political opponents, and they appear willing to use the power of the government to attack anyone who disagrees with them. Nixon's enemies list was nothing compared to this new breed of political thugs running the country. But hey, it's the Chicago way. Columnist Joe Sobran called the Democrats the "evil party." But he died before seeing just how evil they could be!


Anonymous said...

But in the end, Mary Anne, the meek really do inherit the earth as our Lord said. I am a woman who does not scare easily. I have never been afraid of mice and I am not afraid of snakes. I have even had a mountain lion and her babies cross my path. I walked passed a small rattle snake by my left heel, went back and chased it into the bushes so children coming along would not be bitten. I plan on doing it again this election. I just have a healthy wariness for what they can do and act accordingly because I know that in the end Our Lord and Our Lady tramples all evil, including snakes. I will vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan without any fear of what others can do to me because, hopefully, Mitt Romney and Ryan will help protect the innocent unborn children and encourage decent family life for that is what makes strong nations and saves souls.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're right, of course. I recently told someone that I don't cry over elections because I believe that "the Lord works all things together for good to those who love Him and serve according to His purpose." On Tuesday we will go on no matter who wins. But I hate to think of the increased killing of little ones in the womb and the absolute commitment to Planned Parenthood under Obama and the increased persecution of people of faith.

Anonymous said...

Mary Anne, I should have said, "By the grace of God I plan on doing it again," as we never know when Our Lord will come, and that will be the end and Judgment Day for us. Let us a be found doing good and not evil on that Day. He also tells us that he will give us the words and the courage to survive either white or red martyrdom. All we need to do is ask for it. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was a bob cat that crossed my path with her babies. I do not know if that makes much difference, but I do like to tell the truth and not exaggerate.