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Saturday, November 24, 2012

One Good Result on Election Day - Judge Roy Moore

Remember Judge Roy Moore and the fight in Alabama over recognizing God? He was pitched out after defying a federal order to remove the ten commandments from his courtroom, a clearly unconstitutional order.

That was ten years ago, but sometimes the good guys make a comeback. On election day, Judge Roy Moore was elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. (Hoo-rah! as the Marines say!) During the campaign Judge Moore promised “I will … lead the judicial system of Alabama to uphold constitutional principles and moral values contained in our law and will resist all efforts to disparage or destroy our beloved constitution."

Wow! What a radical thought...upholding the Constitution. Please pray for Judge Moore. You can read more here and if you are interested in his book, So Help Me God: the Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom, which is heavily discounted go here. What a great Christmas present for freedom loving Americans!

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