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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bill Bolling: the Whining Crybaby

Reagan had a rule about Republicans not speaking ill of one another. Well, I never subscribed to that view since so many Republicans are either Democrat Lite or RINOs. I would actively work against Republicans like Arlen Specter who was a Democrat long before he switched parties. But Bill Bolling deserves a special category to himself as a whining crybaby! Give him some cheese with his whine.

On Wednesday, the Richmond Times Dispatch ran an interview with the Lieutenant Governor that was nothing but a Bolling rant-attack against Ken Cuccinelli. No surprise really. Ken threw a monkey wrench into the nice little backroom deal between Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling. Bolling would pull out of the race for governor clearing the way for McDonnell. He would run for lieutenant governor and be the NEXT governor with McDonnell's support. When Ken decided to run, Bolling started whining about how unfair it was and hasn't stopped since. And clearly he lacks grassroots support and is polling well behind Ken which is why, despite his claim to be doing it for the sake of the party, he decided not to remain in the race. His threat to run as an independent increasing the likelihood of a Democrat win is shameful!

Establishments politicians like Bolling are the reason I no longer work for the Republican party in Virginia and quit as Secretary of my local Republican women's club. I work for individual candidates instead and wouldn't give a cent to the party machine, although I've contributed to many solid pro-life candidates like Ken, Dick Black, Bob Marshall, and others. I will never work for a pro-abortion or pro-gay Republican. I will never work for someone the likes of Bill Bolling whose animosity toward Ken has more to do with his pique over Ken spoiling his easy run to the governor's office than any substantive policy differences. And if Ken's family values positions makes him anathema to Bolling, what exactly are Bolling's positions? 

The word is that Bolling plans an independent run for governor. Wow! Talk about a spoiled adolescent who wants to do everything he can to deep-six a rival. 

Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke sent the following letter to the Virginia Central Republican Committee asking them to take action. I hope they do. Here's Jamie's letter:
Dear Members of State Central Committee,

I humbly request your consideration to adopt a resolution calling on Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to repudiate his unfortunate statements made earlier this week about the character and electability of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as Governor. The Committee should resolve further that Governor Bob McDonnell should withdraw his delegation of responsibility to Mr. Bolling for economic development (Chief Jobs Creator) if Mr. Bolling fails to repudiate his statements. 
Mr. Bolling's voting record and public positions vary little from those of Mr. Cuccinelli. Mr. Bolling's personal criticisms of Mr. Cuccinelli are groundless and would be just as offensive and outrageous if directed at a Democrat. Mr. Bolling has further stated to the media that he will refuse to support Mr. Cuccinelli as the Republican nominee for Governor at the conclusion of our Republican Convention in May, which is in direct violation of our Republican Party Plan. Conservatives have consistently demonstrated a willingness to abide by the process outlined in the Party Plan. The expectation should be no different with our elected officials.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important proposal that will reaffirm our support and dedication to represent the Republican grassroots of Virginia. Family obligations will prevent me from being at your business meeting Friday afternoon, but I will be in attendance at the Republican Advance later in the day and Saturday.

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