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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking a Walk on the Internet

I was doing some browsing this morning looking for beautiful artwork of Our Blessed Mother. There is nothing that soothes the soul like leafing through the family album. Along my internet walk I came across a lovely blog by "Lady Lydia" from Alaska. What a lovely time I spent reading some of her posts. She focuses on hearth and home, but had some sensible things to say prior to the election as well. I hope she posts another on the outcome. And the photos on her blog are lovely. The one I've posted here is by Hans Dahl, a Norwegian painter (1849-1937). It reminded me of Heidi.

But what I enjoyed most at Lady Lydia's was the sense of sitting down with a friend. So many people are isolated today in communities of lost souls. We need a way to connect with those who still know God is God and that life is more than the grim picture on the morning news. Lady Lydia's blog is simply delightful. So if you want a cup of tea with a lovely lady, brew and one and go visit.

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