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Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm so sick of heretics with S.J. after their names!

Fr. Tom Reese was on his soapbox again spouting heresy to an enthusiastic crowd of equally heretical Catholics who attend Holy Trinity in Georgetown. That's the church notorious for its clown Mass (literally, Barnum and Bailey clowns and acrobats doing their things in the sanctuary) and its support for anything opposed by the Church. Apparently, no one objected when Fr. Reese championed contraception saying,  "Contraception is a lot cheaper than live births, especially if the live births are problematic." Hmm...was that also a back-handed thumbs up to abortion which is also "cheaper" than "problematic" live births? Not surprisingly, there wasn't a dissenting voice among the dissenters at Holy Trinity who gave the well-known heretic resounding applause as he insulted bishops who stand up for Church teaching.

But he had no fear of a hostile audience. Holy Trinity, as the authors of this article, point out is a "shining example of the institutionalized dissent that has characterized the Catholic Church in this country for the past forty years." And unfortunately, many of those dissenters bear the name Father or Sister. (I would have mentioned Roman collars and habits but most of the dissenters don't bother about them.)

The question is, why are these heretics in Roman collars not silenced? Fr. Reese
was forced to resign as the editor of America magazine by the Vatican, but he continues to scandalize whenever he opens his mouth. The Jesuits should be required to shut the man up. These types of arrogant priests, however, do not fear their superiors, or the pope, and they obviously do not fear God.

But a reckoning is coming when Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats. Pray that Fr. Reese has a change of heart before that moment. You cannot shake your fist at God's laws without paying the price of your rejection. God forces no one, but he won't allow any counterfeits who say, "Lord, Lord" to enter His kingdom. Can you imagine the moment of judgment for the betrayer who raised the body of Christ at Mass while he undermined the faith of God's people? Please join me today in saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Fr. Reese.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry
they would be sick of you too if they even knew you existed

Father Gordon MacRae said...

Hello Mary Ann, I was very glad to see you quoted in the October 25th edition of The Wanderer in an article about the Catholic Media Coalition meeting in Albuquerque. Well done!
Father Gordon MacRae

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you, Father. There are a lot of us out there fighting for the faith with our little alternative newsletters, websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. I call us "gnats for the Lord." I have no illusions about having any power, but we can sure annoy the people who should be working for the faith instead of against it.

Jeannie Holler said...

Isn't it ahame to see a priest as Fr. Reese speak such lies and against the TRUE FAITH ...yes let us pray for his soul and his conversion .
I wish and pray that the Church, the Pope and Bishops would speak the TRUTH ...and the Jesuit Order Superior does need to silence this priest ....God have mercy on him.
I love it Mary Ann : gnats for the Lord" splendid ! God is working in a powerful way through each of tiny gnats God be the Glory!

Anonymous said...

When I explain these statements to nominal Catholics or non-Catholics, I simply say, "They speak for themselves and not for the Catholic Church."

As the divisions within the Church have become public, that distinction is getting easier for people to understand.