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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Teaching Kids to Screw Around and Keep it Secret

Public schools safer than Catholic ones

Have you ever heard of the Kaiser Educational Theater play, Secrets? I've seen it.and even have a video of it. The play's a doozy! "We all have secrets, everybody has secrets." From that opening it goes on to encourage promiscuous sex ("protected" by condoms). A girl has one in her purse. A boy whose dad hands him one he quips, "Hey,it's the same kind I use." From start to finish the message is, "Teens, go ahead and have sex anytime, anywhere just be sure you get your birth control. And this is what California Catholic high schools use to...what...teach the Church's message of chastity and holiness?

Well, not too surprising. I first saw Secrets at a Catholic parish that had planned to show it to high school CCD kids until parents got wind of it. So they showed it to the parents and it got two thumbs down. It's passed off as a play to help prevent STDs and AIDS but I don't recall one mention about the STDs, like chlamydia that can be transmitted by skin contact. Condoms won't protect you from them. 

But regardless, what are these programs doing in Catholic schools? No wonder so many kids reject Church teachings. They're being trained to in the Catholic schools!


Anonymous said...

When I was a teen-ager in the 70's the fear of God and the fear of Dad kept my virginity intact. I guess the fear is gone in today's culture.

Anita Moore said...

This is why it really didn't matter who won the election. The problem isn't the occupant of the White House; the problem is us. We need repentance and conversion.