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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia

Okay all you Virginians out there. We have the opportunity to elect a man who truly will stand for family values, states rights, constitutional principles, and fiscal responsibility.

But the election starts long before you enter the voting booth. Virginia Republicans will select our candidate at a state convention next May. Sign up now to be a delegate for Ken. He's the one who worked to protect Virginia landowners from eminent domain laws that would let government bullies take property to build shopping malls or a hotels. He's unapologetically pro-life, he supports constitutional rights including the second amendment.

Ken is the right man for Governor of Virginia. Sign up today to be a convention delegate.  Think of the fun a bunch of pro-life constitutionalists can have in Richmond. We'll meet you at the Melting Pot after we get Ken on the ballot! Bring your coupon.

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