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Friday, November 9, 2012

Question for the Day Sparked by Thoughts of the Upcoming CCHD Collection

In view of the information below about the U.S. bishops' domestic "charity," the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD),  I have a question:

Who is more zealous about winning souls?
The prince of this world or the U.S. bishops? 

In about ten days, most dioceses in the United States will take up the annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. For years, researchers have demonstrated that a large portion of the collection goes to Alinskyite community organizing groups that advance abortion, contraception, same-sex activity, and cultural Marxism. In 2010 the controversy alarmed at least ten bishops enough to withdraw from the collection. But since then it appears to be back to business as usual. That is a particularly sobering thought in view of this week's election considering that it was a CCHD grant that gave the most pro-abortion politiician in history his start. (Thank you, bishops.)

Officials at CCHD continue to claim that changes have been made in the collection to correct all the abuses, (No problemo, amigos.), but, in a recent report, American Life League demonstrated that dozens of groups that support intrinsic evils and violate the bishops' own guidelines continue to receive millions in funding. In fact the 2011-2012 grantee period shows that grants to evil organizations more than doubled in amount from the previous year. So much for correcting abuses. Here's the summary from the report:

Review and Renewal Audit: ALL’s study of 2011–2012 CCHD grants found that 46 of the 195 Catholic dioceses in the United States had grantees in violation of the CCHD’s Review and Renewal guidelines:
  • 27 of the 192 grantees currently funded by CCHD are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching. In addition, 45 are actively involved in coalitions promoting such activities.
  • The total number of grantees in violation of CCHD grant guidelines is 72, or 37 percent.
  • Two additional grantees are included in the report due to the actions of their leaders, bringing the total number of grantees profiled to 74.
  • The total amount granted to offending groups is $2,889,500, which is an increase of $1,026,500 from the amount granted to offending groups in 2010–2011.
    • Thus, 38 percent of the $7,658,500 granted by CCHD in 2011–2012 went to grantees in violation of CCHD guidelines.

One more question:

Whose kingdom is the Bishops' Conference working to advance?


Adrienne said...

A few years ago I spent considerable time tracking down the organizations that were given grants. There is no doubt in my mind that many of these grants were given to organizations that probably do not even exist. Many had one page websites that provided zero information as to members, addresses, activities - nada, zero, zip. They are most likely shams set up to launder money.

As always - follow the money.

Jeanne Holler said...

I just bet most people do not have this information or even pay attention to this information I thank you and I will not be giving anything to this collection ...
what a sad state of affairs ...