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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can America "Find Her Soul Again?"

An interesting article from The Remnant (Read the whole thing here):
So, did we lose? Did we even have a horse in this race? I don’t know...probably not. I think most of us were just making the best of a desperate situation by attempting to buy some time and praying America would wake up in the meantime. But if waking America from her slumber was the objective, then that mission was accomplished for at least half the country the moment Ohio was declared for Barack Obama. In other words, we're not alone! 
For the next four years at least, millions of Americans will stand fast against the Godless policies of Washington, D.C.—policies which, again, let’s face it, on the issues that matter most to the soul of our country and the future of our children would have changed only minimally had the well-meaning Mormon been victorious and the so-called Christian right been once again cajoled into peaceful coexistence with the forces of hell itself.

So, to recap: We lost a race in which we really didn’t have a pony. And, as a result of that "defeat", millions of Americans had their blinders removed in an instant on November 6, 2012. They now know exactly where they stand. The slumbering Christian giant in America has finally roused himself from his utopian dreams.

Obama represents our chastisement, perhaps, but certainly not our conqueror. His victory may well lead to our redemption, in fact, both as Catholics and as Americans. Four more years of Obama may mean that America will have to suffer, but perhaps she will also begin to find her soul again… and her knees. Then Americans will have a chance to be truly free--something they haven't known for many, many decades.
Is Michael Matt on target or dreaming? Will America "begin to find her soul again" or are we so conscience dead we're beyond redemption? What do you think?


Alice Doyle said...

I think that to say that anything is beyond redemption is to despair and to presume that we know more than we do.

I like the the optimism here. It is a kind of sunflower response to the situation--our best bet is to keep our eyes focused on the son.

I admit--I liked Mitt Romney. He reminded me a bit of what I remember of Ronald Reagan. He is a gentleman. Still--when you're running on a platform that states that some lives are disposable, you cannot claim to be God's good and faithful servant. In fact logically, it makes much more sense to go for abortion across the board than to say life begins at conception except....but...I believe it was the "but" that did him in. We serve a God who leaves the 99 to seek the one. I cannot believe he is okay with political compromises that kill even one of His beloved children.

I think an appropriate action for any Catholics able to do so is to commit to being teachers of the faith. IN CCD, RCIA, in extended families, one on one, wherever the opportunity arises. When I looked at the sea of young faces in Chicago, I could not help but think about how lost they are. Duped by our education system and the media, do they know any better?

There is so much opportunity, so much work to be done, there is no time for worry, hand-wringing or complaining. This is the day the Lord has made. Let's get busy rejoicing.

Jeannie Holler said...

HOPE is what is needed and much much PRAYER.
People need to get serious about God and HIS WAYS ...let us stop being lukewarm but be BOLD for CHRIST!
For much of my own life I was consumed with the world and the things of the world and just doing my own thing , my own way UNTIL the LIGHT went on and I fully died to myself and came back fully to the Holy Catholic Church will happen , one person at a time, let us never give up HOPE! God is full of Mercy and Love , that we can count on! Today is a new day ...GOD ALONE ! Let us exalt HIS NAME together !

Old Bob said...

Great article! Thank you, Mr. Matt, thank you, Mary Ann!

Siobhan said...

Excellent article! What we have now is clarity. No more pretense of a political solution for what is a deep spiritual sickness. I think the Lord may be working in two ways:
1. He will allow the wicked to "triumph" over the good in order to awaken them from their apathy. His warriors will be "tested as gold, refined as silver."
2. He will allow the wicked to be hardened in their sin because they have refused all calls to repentance. Of course we must never stop praying for them because many of these deceived souls are our friends and members of our families.
I think Obama’s ultimate purpose may be to draw all that is evil in America onto his person – bring it all to a head like a big ugly boil. How God decides to lance it remains to be seen, but we know that in God’s time, the redeemed remnant will become the corner stone of a new America that will rise from the ashes. I just hope I live long enough to see it.