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Monday, November 19, 2012

Who Changed the Talking Points on Benghazi?....

....Administration appointees. They also removed references to al Qaida. Hey, Obama killed Osama and al Quaida was on the run... couldn't mess with that fairy tale. But, horrors, those evil Republicans are playing politics and demanding answers. Don't they know how much liberals love the military? Just ask Bill Clinton. They would never put any of our soldiers in jeopardy without watching their backs. Oh...that's right they did watch their backs... and refused to send any help to back them up. But it sure was exciting to watch them in real time...just like an adventure movie. The deaths of our people? Just a bump in the road on the way to the end of terrorism. Remember...Obama killed Osama...and all that propaganda.

House Intel Chair: 'Appointees from Administration' Changed Rice's Talking Points

Who Fed Susan the Benghazi Bullhockey?

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