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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fr. Tuck Grinnell and the Nuns on the Bus

Protesters greet the Nuns on the Bus to challenge their agenda to re-elect the most pro-abortion president in history!
It was no surprise to me to see that the Nuns on the Bus were launching their "Virginia tour" to get Obama re-elected from St. Charles Borromeo in Arlington, one of the most liberal and dissent-ridden parishes in the Diocese of Arlington. Here's the announcement from the nuns' political action website:
Tour Launch: Arlington, VA
9:30 a.m.
St. Charles Borromeo Church, Benedict Hall
3304 N. Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
Reception and speaking program followed by tour launch in parking lot. All are
welcome to attend Mass at 9:00 a.m. preceding the reception.
The pastor at St. Charles, Fr. Horace "Tuck" Grinnell,
is an unregenerate liberal who plays a major role in the Industrial Areas Foundation community organizing group, Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE). VOICE and the Nuns on the Bus (from the liberal lobby group NETWORK) are on the same page -- get more government money for redistributing to their pet programs. The reality that there is no "government money" except what government takes from workers is ignored by these socialists. And some of the programs they propose for mandatory government funding could just as easily be done by local churches. For example, VOICE wants a full-time person hired at the McLean Community Center to organize senior activities. Why not work with local churches to organize activities? If parishes work together they could sponsor activities every day of the week. Not every function in life requires a government program. As a senior I resent the implication that we can't do anything for ourselves without a government leader.

Interestingly, there were enough complaints to the Diocese of Arlington about the Nuns on the Bus that a response was released by the Director of Communications:

(Nov. 1, 2012) “Today, it came to the attention of the Diocese of Arlington that one of our parishes was planning to host the ‘Nuns on the Bus’ at a parish event tomorrow, in the lead-up to next week’s elections. The diocesan Political Activity Guidelines require parishes to submit a proposal in advance and consult with our Virginia Catholic Conference with regard to any planned event involving political or public policy issues. Those required steps were not taken for this event.
“The diocese therefore worked with the parish to modify the event so the Political Activity Guidelines would not be violated, while retaining the intended focus of the event on the parish’s outreach and social ministries. The ‘Nuns on the Bus’ are welcome to attend Mass at the parish, but they may not make any presentation, distribute any written material, or otherwise utilize the facilities of Saint Charles Borromeo Church in any way.

"It is unfortunate that the organizers of this event did not follow established diocesan procedures, which provide that that ‘No speakers are to be invited to events before receiving the reviewer’s approval.’ We regret the concerns of many in the diocese raised by the scheduling of a ‘Nuns on the Bus’ campaign event at one of our churches and any inconvenience to those involved."
The St. Charles Borromeo website continued to carry the event on their parish calendar today and local news reported that the event went on anyway. The nuns, according to news, "held a reception, speaking program and press conference this morning at St. Charles Borromeo Church (3304 Washington Blvd) near Clarendon. The event was the launch of a one-day bus tour of Virginia , which includes planned stops in Richmond and Virginia Beach." Fortunately, some protesters showed up to defend religious freedom and oppose the HHS mandate. These faux nuns are nothing but political shills. Their organization NETWORK works to achieve socialism and cares more about wetlands than killing millions of babies. Meanwhile they use traditional nuns as props. There is nothing traditional about them! Thankfully, a few protesters showed up to reflect the truth. May God reward them!

And, incidentally, where are all the liberals who always scream separation of Church and State whenever a conservative clergyman tries to speak out about abortion? Let's see whether Fr. Grinnell is disciplined over this. Don't hold your breath!


Jeannie Holler said...

They will be held accountable for this when they each stand before the Face of God!
You are committing GRAVE SIN if you vote for someone who is instrincally EVIL!
Do these nuns on the bus know that!
God have mercy on them !
Father forgive them for they know not what they do...or do they and don't care !

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,

This is so disturbing to see right here in our formerly conservative Diocese. Would it be possible for you to post a list of the most faithful parishes/pastors in the Arlington Diocese, and the most heretical ones as well, so we can know where to go to Mass/confession and which ones to avoid?

Anonymous said...

you may not like it, but they are not "faux nuns" they are canonically religous recognized by Church authority. Dissenters they may be, disobedient they may be, but they are real nuns however galling that is to "orthodox" Catholics

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yes, and a plastic purse that is sold as "faux leather" is still a purse. But it sure isn't the real thing.

Unknown said...

To oppose the Nuns is to oppose the teachings of Jesus and his description of the Judgement Scene - Matthew 25:31-46 - "as you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me"

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Are you serious, Lloyd? Many of these nuns preach a gospel directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus. The Vatican review of the Leadership Conference of Catholic Women directly addressed the problems with NETWORK, the nuns' lobby group sponsoring the nuns on the bus.

By your reasoning those who opposed Martin Luther opposed the teachings of the Jesus. Your comment is a head-shaker.