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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liberals' Rag Publishes Hit Piece on Cardinal Newman Society

Is anybody surprised that the National Catholic Reporter (aka "the fishwrap") would go after an orthodox group that urges Catholic colleges to return to their roots? A newspaper that features columns by dissenters like Sr. Joan Chittister and frequent articles by radical feminist Rosemary Ruether is an unlikely source for an unbiased article on any orthodox group. And there are no real surprises in NCR's hit piece. The article attacking the Cardinal Newman Society starts out pretending to be somewhat balanced before moving into serious attack. By the time one nears the end it is "Sic 'em, boys!":
A statement by the president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities pulled no punches. Jesuit Father Gregory F. Lucey quoted Ex Corde Ecclesiae's call "to explore courageously the riches of Revelation and of nature so that the united endeavor of intelligence and faith will enable people to come to the full measure of their humanity." 
He then added, "This exploration is not without tensions, but Jesuit institutions continuously engage in rich dialogue to further understanding and to ensure that many voices are heard.

The Cardinal Newman Society chooses not to engage in such dialogue, but instead chooses to criticize and make distorted claims against Catholic colleges, oftentimes maligning them in the process. This hardly fulfills the mission of the Cardinal Newman Society, which is to 'renew and strengthen Catholic identity.' Neither the university nor the Church is well served by such irresponsible actions."
Ah...reason itself, eh? When one considers the state of Jesuit education today
this is almost laughable. Fr. Lucey's description of "irresponsible actions" fits the many egregious Jesuit scandals. Their name is legion!

Is it "maligning" Catholic colleges to criticize their presentation of the putrid play, The V-monologues, where students are urged to grunt and groan in feigned orgasm? Is it "rich dialogue" when extremists like Pete Singer who considers newborns less worthy of life than piglets are given platforms to promote their evil views. (When the college Republicans at Fordham invited Ann Coulter, the college president wrote a scathing letter about his "disappointment" with the students which led them to cancel the event. Those who invited Pete Singer, the ethicist who supports abortion and the murder of newborns up to 30 days after birth, got no such statement. In fact, the president let stand a worshipful announcement calling Singer the "most influential philosopher alive today.")

This is the kind of scandal the Newman Society takes on in their mission to encourage Catholic colleges to act like Catholic colleges. And they do it well, which, of course, explains NCR's hit piece. There is no room in liberal "diversity" for those who dare to think the doctrines of the Church actually mean anything except an opportunity for endless "dialogue." And is it any surprise that young adults who attend Catholic colleges and universities are losing their faith in droves. I can't help thinking of the Gerasene pigs possessed by demons plunging over the cliff.

You can read the Cardinal Newman Society's response to NCR here.

And check out a few articles about young people losing their faith at Catholic colleges here and here.

Parents who care about their children's faith would be well advised to avoid Jesuit schools like the plague. For a list of excellent Catholic schools see the Cardinal Newman Guide.

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Catechist Kev said...

Essentially what he said was:

"Hey! We aren't that bad. If you look around we have good things going for us, too. And for you to point out those bad things, well... well... it just isn't very Christian of you, now is it?!"

[raspberries coming from his mouth as he's sticking out his tongue]